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[ALL /Шэньчжэнь, Москва, РФ] L7 9050m / S19 / M30S

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K7  63.5T  4750USDT December 
KA3 166T  8750USDT December 

 Spot goods

D10+ 5000M 3750 USDT
E9 2160M  6150 USDT
Z15 420K   3800 USDT
L1 4900M  3750 USDT
L7 8550M  8200 USDT
L7 8800M  8450 USDT
L7 9050M  8530 USDT
L7 9300M  9430 USDT
L7 9500M  9830 USDT
S19XP 134T 33.3U/T 4562 USDT
S19XP 141T 38.3U/T 5500 USDT
S19hyd 145T 27.3U/T  4159 USDT
S19hyd 151.5T 27.3U/T 4236 USDT
S19hyd 158T  27.3U/T 4413 USDT
T19hyd 145T  24.3U/T 3623 USDT
S19 82T 12.8U/T  1150 USDT
S19 86T 12.3U/T  1158 USDT
S19 90T 13.3U/T  1297 USDT
S19 95T 15.3U/T  1554 USDT
S19jpro 88T   14.3U/T  1359 USDT
S19jpro 92T   14.5U/T     1434 USDT
S19jpro 96T   15U/T  1540 USDT
S19jpro 100T 16.3U/T  1730 USDT
S19jpro 104T 16.3U/T  1795 USDT
s19pro  110T  24.3U/T  2773 USDT

#Hong-Kong spot:

M30S 38w  88T 12.8U/T  1226 USDT
M30S+34w 100T 14U/T 1500 USDT
M30S+32w 102T 14U/T  1528 USDT
M30S++31w 106T 14.3U/T 1616 USDT
M30S++31w 108T 14.3U/T 1644 USDT
M30S++31w 110T 18U/T 2080 USDT
M30S++30w 112T 18U/T 2116 USDT
M50 29w 118T 18.5U/T  2283 USDT

#Shenzhen Spot 
L1 4900M   3830 USDT
K3 70t        3750 USDT
Shenzhen Spot (20pcs MOQ)
M30S  88T     13.4/T  1279 USDT
M30S+98T     14.4/T  1511 USDT 
M30S+100T   14.4/T  1540 USDT 
M30S++108T 15.4/T  1763 USDT

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