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[ANN] Sibcoin[SIB] x11-GOST(no asic), cheap Node

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Sibcoin is a DASH fork witn X11-GOST(no asic) algo and new features.




Its very popular coin for make masternodes. 

Now Sibcoin have about 8.8 thousand masternodes. 

I think this is the first coin in the World in terms of the number of master nodes. And at the same time, very cheap to create a master node.


If you like DASH, but dont like asic centralization or high cost of master nodes pay attention to sibcoin.

Изменено пользователем Kryon

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SIBCoin is a decentralized digital currency as well as a peer-to-peer processing system. In the SIBCoin system, there are no intermediaries, and regulation is performed by a cryptographic mathematical algorithm. SIBCoin users interact with each other directly, forming a decentralized network where all transactions are recorded in the public registry.

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