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[ANN] [PreICO] Support Chain

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Support explores the challenges and solutions of an international nature, as well as the economic and technical aspects of the SupportChain platform solutions that can affect the growth of the potential of this platform. The service market and the problem of unemployment are two interrelated aspects. The more services required, the fewer unemployed people. Every year, a large part of the growth of services falls on the Internet. Unfortunately, the market of services is also under pressure from various unscrupulous organizations and ineffective advertising campaigns. Charity is an international problem. Today, a huge number of organizations are engaged in charity work. But each of them has insurmountable obstacles: - a Narrow Outlook of the needy; - there are no centers of charity in every city or village; - a large number of the needy; - Fraudulent organizations; - not effective marketing. The Supportchain project did not leave this problem without attention. With the help of blockchain technology, each user will be able to see exactly where the donated funds have been received. Everyone in need will be able to receive funds from anywhere in the world.

Platform SupportChain designed to raise money charity all directions: 
- the nature of the assistance;
- assistance to the needy;
- help animals.
An underappreciated problem of helping animals. More and more animals get into the "Red book". The killing of animals for obtaining clothing material, jewelry, etc. will lead us to the primitive world. With blockchain technology, the SupportChainplatform will be able to solve these problems. Security and transparency, the major terms of the platform SupportChain during project implementation. Attractive price for the service is possible only in the absence of intermediaries. The main objective of the platform SupportChain is the safety of both parties – customer and contractor

Customers when working with SupportChain lose uncertainty about the competence of the contractor. Each artist is rated and reviews about his work. The contractor may not worry about not paying for his work, SupportChain deliberately freezes the customer's funds before the service. If the service was not performed or performed qualitatively, then upon presentation of a photo report, at the contractor, a part of the amount is paid or not paid at all. The purpose of the SupportChain platform is to change and secure the market of services, to solve the problems of unemployment associated with the lack of jobs when they are in demand, to implement a decentralized charity platform for all kinds of areas. Using a broad Outlook, a knowledge of the problems in the face and a huge demand for this platform SupportChain at the international level. SupportChain is a sample format Board free ads for everyday services. That connects customers and service providers worldwide. SupportChain-Charity of all directions. SupportChain is a modern system of purchase and sale of services. SupportChain is an innovative platform on a global scale! Make this innovation with us! Good plays a positive role in our world. This is a kind of virtue that concerns only the good will of man and his understanding of good and evil, justice and love for his neighbor. A sincere intention to carry out a good deed has a significant impact on the state of the individual and society. Charitable donations bring a sense of satisfaction to the donor and a sense of gratitude to the needy, thus removing the sharpness of contradictions and the degree of social tension in society. In addition, it is a statutory opportunity to anonymously share some of their material benefits to those in need of assistance. Existing mechanisms and instruments of charitable assistance have long failed to meet modern requirements and cannot effectively address the challenges of limitations, inefficiency and abuse. There are a number of problems that need to be solved in order to unite our society and to have a positive impact by implementing our application on the world market in the field of different skills in order to improve the financial condition of people of different classes.


There is no international public platform that would provide an opportunity to gather people of all classes of material condition in one place and give them the opportunity to help each other.                                                   

Language barrier. This significant limitation does not allow people in different countries, or on different continents, to share their problem with another person, and to get support from people who are willing to help.

No charities or foundations in some cities, regions or even countries. A huge number of people who need financial assistance are completely deprived of the opportunity to declare their need.

In the era of blockchain technology development and mass use of cryptocurrency in various fields, there is a huge gap in the use of modern technologies in the field of assistance.

The absence of an international ecommerce platform for services.

The unemployment rate is increasing every day. This international problem has a strong impact on the economy of each country.

The creation of an international platform that will bring together all actors relevant to those in need. The solution to the second problem is the destruction of the language barrier by placing requests for the required service in 2 languages: the native language of those in need and English, which is de facto considered international.

If a person does not have the ability or knowledge to publish a request in English. The placement of a request for different versions of assistance in the international language will allow to reach a larger audience of benefactors than the placement in a little-known language.

There are 197 countries in the world that are recognized by the world community. In addition, there are dozens of unrecognized territories. Most countries and almost all territories have weak or developing economies. In addition, most territories do not have charities or various services, although the people who live there often need assistance.

In the world today, there is such thing as "bacchanale". This phenomenon affects not only the virtual space, but also actively introduced into many areas of social relations. At the moment, the introduction of blockchain technologies takes place in the banking sector, the real estate market, consumer goods.

The SupportChain platform will allow each user to provide or order the service.

With the help of the SupportChain platform for the provision of services, each user will be able to perform certain services by receiving a cryptocurrency SUP.


With the growth of it-technologies, more and more people order or provide services on the network through a large number of resources. For example, Bulletin boards originated in the early 1980s. Ancestor, today, all services ads can be safely considered BBS (Bulletin Board System). Then more and more based giants e-commerce sites: since the early 2000s. Gumtree.com ( in 2005. Absorbed by Ebay) OLX, Slando (were also absorbed by AVITO). Most users bought and sold different products on various Internet sites. Every day the development of these sites grew and traditional ads in Newspapers or leaflets at bus stops have gone to the background. In Russia, the ancestor of the Bulletin boards was in 1997, the service irr.ru Oh? Today he remains one of the biggest players and takes the second place after avito.ru Oh? Service irr.ru it has an 8 million database of ads, as well as 16 million monthly audience. Avito — online website for placing advertisements about goods and services from individuals and companies , ranked second in the world and first in Russia among online classifides, since 2007. Also on the site are published announcements about vacancies in the labor market and the summary of applicants. Just ... in June 2017 was placed over 35.8 million active listings. During this time, Avito has managed to gain great popularity and is firmly associated with the sale and purchase of various goods and services. The total ad base is over 32 million, and the monthly audience is about 35 million. The number of staff in may 2018 is more than 1,700 people.

At the moment, the world economy is slowly emerging from the crisis, but the number of unemployed in the labor markets of countries in the degree of development remains almost at the same level (about 200 million people). The unemployment rate in 2017 worldwide was 5.6%, and the total population exceeded 192mn people. In 2018, according to the forecast of the organization, unemployment will decrease to 5.5% - but due to the growth of the labor force, the number of unemployed will remain at the same level. In 2019, with the remaining unemployment rate, the number of unemployed will even increase by 1.3 million people. The same disappointing forecast for the number of other vulnerable groups in the labor market – the working poor. This category includes people who live in households with a daily income of less than$2. In all countries, the number of" working poor " will not fall below 114mn, which is 40% of all working in 2018, the number of such entities is too slow to keep up with the growth of labor resources. A service is any kind of activity that one party can offer the other. The service is essentially intangible and should be implemented only with a positive result. Towing a vehicle, haircut, cooking, construction, maintenance work, PC setup, car repair, all these daily problems are associated with the purchase of services. Such an expanded scope of services is not one company can not offer, as all work in their field.





The company "Support" raises funds to launch an international platform for the implementation of services and charity using blockchain technologies and the introduction of cryptocurrency in this sphere. To this end, the company issued token Coin Support (SUP), which is a smart contract on the Ethereum database. The company "Support" will provide reliable storage of the collected funds. Each Support Token and Support Coin will be connected in the blockchain. In the future, it will give the opportunity to use Support Coin for donations within the Support system. Token Support - token utility that pursues a deflationary model and has a standard ERC20. At the end of the main stage of token sale, all participants will receive A support Token on the ETHEREUMnetwork in proportion to the amount contributed during the crowdsale. If after all the stages of token sale, the minimum required amount of funds (Soft Cap) is not collected, the deposits made at the stage of the main token sale will be returned in full. The refund will be made in the currency that was used to purchase tokens and will be returned to the refund wallets. Number of tokens: Token Support Issue n proizoidet lump sum. The number of issued tokens will be 400 000 000 SUP. There will be no additional issue of tokens. After all stages of the crowdsale, unsold tokens will be sent to the Support reserve to realize rewards for Altruists and to support the support Apps platform.


Among users: 80%

Founders: 10%

Consultants and advisors: 5%

Bounty-campaign: 3%

Partners: 2%

Soft Cap - 5 000 ETH
Hard Cap is 40, 000 ETH


Private Sale
The amount that will be available for purchase at this stage is 5% (15 000 000 SUP) of the total number of tokens that are distributed among users. The price of the token for the period of Private Sale will be: 1 Support Token (SUP) - 0,30 $ date: 15.07.2018-31.07.2018
The amount that will be available for purchase at this stage is 10% (30 000 000 SUP) of the total number of tokens that are distributed among users. The price of the token for the period of Pre-Sale will be: 1 Support Token (SUP) - 0,37$ date: 01.08.2018-31.08.2018
The amount that will be available for purchase at this stage is 85% (255 000 000 SUP) of the total number of tokens that are distributed among users. The price of the token for the duration of the ICO will be: 1 Support Token (SUP) - 0,45 $ date: 01.09.2018 - 30.09.2018



Subject to the successful sale of All support tokens and depending on the amount of funds raised during the crowdsale, the financial assets will be aimed at various tasks, such as:

Marketing and geographical expansion
Product development
Legalization and expansion of the company's staff
Product improvement and technical development
In addition to the above costs, the funds will also be spent on: registration of the company and brand, office rental for the development team and the purchase of the server part for data storage


Despite the fact that Support Chain has a completely free entrance-both for customers and for performers in order to exchange services for tokens - the site plans to earn on a wide range of services that will be in demand among all categories of users of the service.

These categories include:

-Professional customers-with an assortment of 10 to 500 or more positions, simultaneously placed on the showcase of their live profile. 
-Private customers-with an assortment of more than 5 private ads.
-Ordinary performers-implementing services through the guarantor of the site.

Consider the main monetization points of Support Chain for each category of users.
For professional sellers

Monthly payment for goods/services placement:


Promotion of the customer in a certain category:

-Promotion of the 1st category of goods / services in the top list: for 1 week.
-Promotion of the 2nd categories of goods / services in the top list: for 1 week.
-Promotion of 3 or more categories of goods/services in the top list: for 1 week.

Special placement of the seller in the category of " TOP customers”:

-Store placement In the top rotation of sellers for 1 week.
2.For private customers:
   Placing ads over the limit (5 free active ads):

-The number of users who place more than 10 ads.
-The number of users who place from 5 to 10 ads.

Promotion of ads in search and categories:

-Raising ads in the TOP 2 times (immediately and the next day) in the list.
-Selection in the search color for 7 days + 1 free up 1 time.
-VIP-status in a special block for 7 days + 1 free up.
-Premium accommodation in the most prominent place.
-Combo: highlighting + lifting on TOP.
-Turbo combo. All types of services together (premium + selection in search color + raising the top 2 times).
-Service utilization rate per month.

3.For performers
   Fee for the services of the guarantor Support Chain "Secure transaction".

The services described above as the main points of Support Chain monetization are indicative and incomplete. They will be supplemented or eliminated in the process.

All services Support Chain you can pay only token Support Coin.
The cost of services will vary depending on:

From the current market conditions.

From the token rate on exchanges.
If the SUP rate goes up, the cost of services on the site in its tokens (SUP) will be recalculated in the direction of reduction (inversely proportional) so that in the equivalent of the Fiat cost they remain significantly competitive relative to other marketplaces.

Let's consider this logic as an example. For example, the cost of services to promote the seller's ads in the search is 1 token, which translated into Fiat money corresponds to$2. Suppose that the token rate rose to$4. The site will immediately recalculate the cost of the service, and it will be equal to 0.5 tokens.

At the same time, if the price of the token is reduced on the exchange to$ 1 as a result of market movements, the cost of the service equal to 1 token remains unchanged.


Entrepreneur, founder of the Support Chain project. International business education. Training in programming. The first commercial project started in 2016.
In 2018, he became a co-founder of the software company

Igor Nemcov

Igor is a highly qualified specialist when it comes to cryptocurrency. It is in this industry already
more than 5 years and owns many different cryptocurrencies. He has a passion for the Blockchain network
 and a lot of experience with the cryptocurrency community

Viktor Ivanko

Automation specialist, programmer with knowledge of golang, python, javascript languages. Experience-7 years. Crypto enthusiast.

Valentina Chumakova
PR Manager

Valentina graduated from the pedagogical University, the faculty of foreign languages. Taught English
and Spanish. Has 5 years of experience in marketing campaign.

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