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easybit.com Cryptocurrency Exchange Service


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About EasyBit




At EasyBit, we redefine crypto-to-crypto exchanges by providing a non-custodial platform that gives users full control over their assets, enabling seamless cryptocurrency swaps.


Our dedication to delivering the market's most competitive rates is not mere rhetoric; it is a tangible achievement facilitated by our extensive optimization of exchange pathways. Moreover, we take pride in offering the highest number of network options per coin/token within our industry, ensuring we can meet a wide range of diverse requirements.


But it's not only about rates and choices. We think that the user experience is really important. Our easy-to-use and straightforward design is made for people who are new to cryptocurrencies as well as those who are more experienced. Whether you're doing your first exchange or your hundredth, EasyBit makes sure your transactions are fast, safe, and efficient every time!




Explore EasyBit, where excellence meets efficiency: easybit.com 







Our Team has five years of experience in the field and is committed to creating solutions that ensure high-quality exchange services for our partners and clients.


Our users’ reviews on Trustpilot reflect that commitment.




24/7 Premium Support




Experience unparalleled, round-the-clock chat support on our website.


Our dedicated expertly-trained and friendly team is committed to giving you efficient responses within just minutes! Day or night, rain or shine, our Support Team ensures you’re always taken care of like you deserve!



-Multiple Network Support


We are proud to offer the most network options per coin/token in our industry! 



-Fast Exchanges


We initiate transaction processing immediately upon receiving the first confirmation, ensuring that each order is completed in less than 5 minutes!



-Mobile App


Easy - Fast - Reliable.



-Over 200 Supported Coins





Fee Structure


We offer a starting fee of 0.2% for guests and 0.18% for members but we also reward with a volume-oriented fee structure and the fee may go as low as 0.1%!


Feel free to check our Fee Structure and learn more about how it works: easybit.com/fees



EasyBit API


Do you have a crypto related project? EasyBit API is a reliable solution that can be easily integrated into your project. Broaden your project capabilities in an effective and customizable way with EasyBit API!

Read the documentation and request your API key to get started. A great team of experienced developers will guide you along the way with personalized 24/7 support.

Earn profits by adding an API extra Fee on top of ours which is customizable to your needs or through a 60% Affiliate share.


For more info about EasyBit API and its documentation feel free to navigate to the links below: 





Affiliate Program


With the creation of your account, a unique Affiliate link is generated. Place it on your website, blog, social media profile, etc, and you will be rewarded with 60% of our revenue for every exchange made through your link.


For more info about EasyBit Affiliate Program feel free to navigate to the link below: 




Experience the Difference with EasyBit!


At EasyBit, we embrace new challenges and are always willing to explore different paths to deliver the highest quality services possible.


Visit our website to experience a whole new level of exchange capabilities! easybit.com



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  • EasyBit changed the title to easybit.com Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

We are excited to announce that we support PEPE on our platform!


PEPE coin is a cryptocurrency project inspired by the internet meme character Pepe the Frog, often manifesting as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and unique digital collectibles. Enthusiasts and artists within the Pepe coin community create and trade these digital artworks on NFT marketplaces, fostering a creative and often speculative environment. 


Exchange PEPE at the best rates at: easybit.com



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Coin Specs / Tezos


For more technical information and useful insights about Tezos visit our dedicated page: easybit.com/coin-specs/XTZ 👈


Exchange XTZ at the best rates at: easybit.com



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We are excited to announce that we support FDUSD on our platform!

First Digital USD is a 1:1 USD-backed stablecoin issued by a distinct entity, FD121 Limited in Hong Kong, operating under the brand name of First Digital Labs.

Exchange FDUSD at the best rates at: easybit.com



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We are excited to announce that we support ELF on our platform!


ELF, which stands for Aelf, is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform designed for creating decentralized applications (dApps). It aims to provide high levels of scalability and resource isolation for dApps, making it an innovative player in the blockchain space.


Exchange ELF at the best rates at: easybit.com👈



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We are excited to announce that we support TIA on our platform!


TIA Tokens is a community first and fair launched DeFi Token. TIA Tokens are deflationary cryptocurrency, as the supply decreases with time.


Exchange TIA at the best rates at: easybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support MEME on our platform!


Memecoin's market cap exceeds $220 million, surpassing Bone ShibaSwap and HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu. 


Exchange MEME at the best rates at: easybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support HIFI on our platform!


HIFI Coin: Decentralized cryptocurrency for secure, private, transparent transactions, ensuring financial freedom.


Exchange HIFI at the best rates at: easybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support ARK on our platform!


ARK Coin is a versatile crypto using SmartBridge technology for easy, seamless blockchain integration and ecosystem connectivity.


Exchange ARK at the best rates ateasybit.com 👈



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Coin Specs / Ethereum Classic


For more technical information and useful insights about Ethereum Classic visit our dedicated page: https://easybit.com/en/coin-specs/ETC 👈


Exchange Ethereum Classic at the best rates at: easybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support UNFI on our platform!


The UNFI Crypto Token, powered by blockchain technology, enhances food aid distribution and promotes sustainability in the global fight against hunger!


Exchange UNFI at the best rates ateasybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support WLD on our platform!


The WLD token is a digital asset used within a specific blockchain ecosystem, designed to facilitate transactions and interactions within that network. Its value and utility are determined by the specific features and use cases of the ecosystem it serves, such as enabling smart contracts, governance, or other decentralized applications.


Exchange WLD at the best rates ateasybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support SUI on our platform!


The SUI token is a digital asset associated with the Sui blockchain, a new decentralized platform designed for high throughput and low latency. It aims to support a wide range of applications, including DeFi, gaming, and social media, with its unique infrastructure and consensus mechanism!


Exchange SUI at the best rates ateasybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support SEI on our platform!


The SEI coin is a cryptocurrency designed for high-performance decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, aiming to provide fast and efficient transactions. It operates on a specialized blockchain optimized for DeFi use cases, offering enhanced scalability and reduced transaction costs compared to traditional blockchains!


Exchange SEI at the best rates ateasybit.com 👈



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We are excited to announce that we support MBL on our platform!


The MBL coin, or MovieBloc Token, is a cryptocurrency that operates on the MovieBloc platform, a decentralized movie and content distribution platform. It aims to offer a fair and transparent ecosystem for filmmakers and content creators to showcase and monetize their work!


Exchange MBL at the best rates ateasybit.com 👈



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