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Genelia Winget

VirgoMoon Token

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What is VirgoMoon Token? Why is it Going to Moon?



Over the past few months, many new coins like RocketMoon, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Coin, SafeMoon have experienced a massive rise in prices. On the other hand, the crypto markets have seen increased adoption and acceptance by users all around the marketplace.


Inspired by the success of these new coins, manystart-ups are releasing new tokens to face a great momentum of success. Recently, a new Defi cryptocurrencycalled the VirgoMoon token has been announced in the crypto world. However, this token is yet to be released, just by launching the token name, VirgoMoon is already gaining lots of attention.


Read on to know what is VirgoMoon, what is VirgoMoon token, the roadmap of the project, detailed tokenomics, and upcoming releases.


What is VirgoMoon?           


VirgoMoon is a decentralized P2P exchange platform to enable users makingPeer to Peer conversion of crypto to fiat currencies. Currently, we are emphasizing solvingthe major existing problems with the P2P exchange services, specifically the ‘Instant and secure’ features.


We have come up with a new defi P2P project to host a faster, friendly, and reliable cryptocurrency to fiat exchanges that will be accessible from different locations connecting the marketplaces. VirgoMoon project is built on blockchain technology to allow users to trade crypto and other digital assets with anonymity and security.


The whole ecosystem is tokenized by the native currency VirgoMoon token created on a BSC-based Defi protocol. It has a total of 1 Quadrillion market supply and directly it will be hosted on PancakeSwap and other Dex in the coming months.


The 100X Moon Token- VirgoMoon Token!


VirgoMoon token is a native token of VirgoMoon Network that is basically a BSC-based Defi altcoin with a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. We have built VirgoMoon token smart contract in order to process each transaction with 4% distribution (community) and 6% Auto LP equally dividing (3% in BNB and 3% in VirgoMoon).

This exchange is intentionally deployed as a blockchain-based Defi app that allows users to make successful trades under the hood of the Virgo-Smart Contract. VirgoMoon will be directly added to the PancakeSwap and other Dex right after its launch.


VirgoMoon token will tokenize the economy efficiently, working as a central currency for the complete network used for trading and fee purposes. Our motive is to deliverintuitive experiences specifically for end-users. We will avail the scale capacity over millions of trades from different fiat currencies.


VirgoMoon Token Details


·         Token Name: VirgoMoon Token

·         Ticker: VirgoMoon

·         Network: Binance Smart Chain BSC

·         Type: BEP20

·         Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 VirgoMoon

·         Initial Burning: 50%

·         Liquidity: 38%

·         Marketing and Reward: 12%


The VirgoMoon token will be listed on Pancake Swapdirectly


We have no presale, Dev holdings, locked liquidity, and renounced owner mandatory on the Virgo platform. VirgoMoon will provide 100% transparency with the new coming network. We are abiding to be a reliablecommunity project to inherit a reliable and promising P2P exchange. The whitepaperdocument will be soon available in English, Russian, German, Chinese, and Arabic languages.


The Back Story


Started back in 2019,the Virgo team has deeply researched initiatives of theVirgo P2P appdevelopment making its beta version live on the Playstore for a community test purpose.We had plans to develop and deploy our own Blockchain model with a complete understanding ofthe relationship between the current global economy and modern crypto factors.


Blockchain is a true solution for every modern payment problemand we believe this tech will surely become a convenient and secure way to deal with real-world payments.Though this application was not a reliable option, now we have come up with a plan to launch a decentralized P2P exchange product.


We will offer utility payments through the application using crypto.However, a final prototype deploymentis yet to go live with the development of Virgo Blockchain.


VirgoMoon Roadmap


According to our plans and schedule, we are working right on time and with the latest protocols. We are happy to announce that soon we are ready to launch our new platform with derivatives that will keep you numb.

We have gathered market data analysis and tried to incorporate every essential prospect that is required to meet user satisfaction. Let’s take a quick look at our upcoming phases of deployment.


Q2 2021



1.       Development of Virgo P2P Smart Contract

2.       Development of VirgoMoon token

3.       VirgoMoon token Burning Event



1.       VirgoMoon Token listing on PancakeSwap

2.       VirgoMoon Token listing on Uniwap

3.       Launch of the Virgo P2P model Beta Version

4.       Partnership drive for Virgo P2P model



1.       Upgrade the VirgoP2P model

2.       VirgoMoon token listing on CEX exchange


Upcoming Updates


Our team intends to build and deploy the following developments in the coming future:


The Virgo P2P Smart Contract


·         Exchange Anonymously

You can connect your wallet and place orders to find local buyers/sellers with an option to trade multiple tokens.


·         Instant Exchange

We are currently adding countries based on the user response and increasing feedback to instantexchanges.


·         Managed Disputes

Virgo works on a smart contract with great teamwork to tackle disputes and trades effectively.


·         Trade Anywhere and Any time

You can easily access different crypto exchanges with local fiat.


Virgo as a Crypto Utility Network


We have set an environment to use VirgoMoon currency in real-world applications. You can effortlessly book tickets, and many other services are available with this application like utility payments, registered merchant payments, etc.


Virgo Blockchain Model


Virgo will work on a scalable and customized smart contract making theVirgo blockchain model an extension to the BEP20 blockchain. It will back up the smart contract infrastructure formerchant payments along with utility payments. We will soon release the next set of applications and features.


VirgoMoon is ready to go to the moon! We are all set to shoot out a big economy crypto project!


Join us here: Facebook | Reddit | Twitter | Instagram | Medium | Telegram | VirgoMoon.


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Now-a-days cryptocurrency is no more a strange concept specifically when traders are going crazy over these digital assets. The newer cryptos are adding up the market, the more crypto market is becoming volatile. The recent surge in prices and sudden fluctuations is the evidence for this claim.

There are numerous crypto assets out there. The latest eye grabbers have been TrustMoon, SafeMoon, Dogecoin, and VirgoMoon. Now the crypto world is starting to embrace a new currency, VirgoMoon.

Although this token is a new addition, the market believes in the VirgoMoontoken to be widely getting noticed. This platform will soon be launched with a great blast, VirgoMoon P2P network is doing the rounds on the internet now.

According to the experts, VirgoMoon will be the next crypto to experience a spike in prices right after its launch.

What is VirgoMoon?

We introduce you to our latest community-driven platform and token built on Binance Smart Chain. The company is following the slogan “Moon together”, we are looking ahead to build a community base that is intended to grow with the prospects of the project.

VirgoMoon P2P network is a decentralized P2P exchange platform focusing to provide Peer to Peer conversion of crypto -fiat currencies. Our motive is to solve the existing problems coming up with the P2P exchange services, especially the ‘Instant and secure’facets.

We have developed this platform to intentionally promote peer-to-peer exchange with a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. We offer a fair launch supply of 50% tokens dedicated to the initial burning of tokens, the other 38% is allotted for liquidity purposes, and the rest 12% is defined for marketing and rewarding the holders.

Our team is pushing hard to grow the VirgoMoon protocol like no coin before it! We are ready to launch the features and application soon and hustling to get our first exchange listing live. We are focusing to build a solid foundation to rapidly scale and expand VirgoMoon P2P network team, develop new DApps within the VirgoMoon universe, and further avail our exclusive services for the sake of our users.

What is VirgoMoon Token?

VirgoMoon token is a native token of the VirgoMoon Network built on a BSC-based Defi token. This is basically an altcoin with a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens.There is no presale, no Dev holdings, locked liquidity, renounced owner, and 100% transparency.VirgoMoon P2P exchange is a transparent community-run project to build a reliable and prominent platform.

Moreover, for safety purpose, we have enabled the lock of the LP. We are offering 10% tax on every transaction, wherein 4% is redistributed to its holders, and 6% is automatically sent to the LP divided as (3% in BNB and 3% in VirgoMoon).

We are following a mission to launch the VirgoMoon P2P smart contract into the environment with 1 million users. We will let local buyers/sellers find each other easily and exchange safely.

The Virgo P2P Smart Contract

This feature is incorporated while designed the platform. It is a handy asset for the user for following purposes:

·         Exchange Anonymously

The user can connect the wallet and place orders to search for local buyers/sellers using multiple tokentrading.

·         Instant Exchange

VirgoMoon will keep adding countries according to the user response leading to instant exchanges.

·         Managed Disputes

In case of anymanage disputes, Virgo P2P smart contract and teamwork will work diversely for smooth trading.

·         Trade Anywhere and Any time

We have created our smart contract in order to enable different crypto in exchange forlocal fiat.

A Crypto Utility Platform

Our team is effortlessly building an environment that will enable users to make use of VirgoMoon currency inreal-world applications. Also, any participants can make utility payment, registered merchant payment,ticket bookings, etc using this application.

Virgo Blockchain Model

VirgoMoon has a scalable and customized smart contract that is handy to implement. Virgo blockchain model is said to be an extension to the BEP20 blockchain. This new model will support the smart contract infrastructure basically for merchant payments as well as utility payments. There are many more new possibilities coming up. Wait and watch!

Why VirgoMoon?

1.       Safe Network

The VirgoMoon project intends to unlockliquidity in smart assets using an end-to-end decentralized ecosystem, that will enhance current tokens.

2.       Transparent Platform

The native token will improve the transaction transparency within commerce by offering a real-time and detailed log of every transaction accomplished.

3.       Evolving Project

VirgoMoon P2P is a community-built crypto projectworking in the flourishing and fast-paced cryptocurrency space.

4.       Purposeful Protocol

Contrary to the majority of BSC tokens, VirgoMoon is not a pump and dump token launched with no purpose. We are here to take you to the moon providing prominent tools for BSC traders.

5.       Community Driven

We always listen to the words of our community. Our team chooses best for the traders and VirgoMoon is already making it together to introduce the next set of tools to develop.

6.       Fair Play

VirgoMoon has participated in the fair launch with everyone else in the marketplace. We have indulged a solid tokenomics distribution with the liquidity pair burning.

VirgoMoon is a P2P launched, community-driven, decentralized token programmed to accompany holders through its frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol.

VirgoMoon Tokenomics

·         Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

·         Initial Burning: 50%

·         Liquidity: 38%

·         Marketing and Reward: 12%

We are ready to list the VirgoMoon token on PancakeSwap right after its launch.

VirgoMoon Roadmap

Q2 2021


·         Development of Virgo P2P Smart Contract

·         Development of VirgoMoon token

·         VirgoMoon token Burning Event


·         VirgoMoon Token listing on PancakeSwap

·         VirgoMoon Token listing on Uniswap

·         The launch of Virgo P2P model Beta Version

·         Partnership drive for Virgo P2P model


·         Upgrade the VirgoP2P model

·         VirgoMoon token listed on CEX exchange

Join our VirgoMoon community to chat with the experts, hear latest news and updates first, and connect with our incredible VirgoMoon community:

Facebook | Reddit | Twitter | Instagram | Medium | Telegram | VirgoMoon.

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