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[ANN] [ICO] Neurogress-announcement of partnerships with international organisations!

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“The Neurogress mission is to develop software for controlling electronics and machinery via a thought-controlled interface.”


50% Bonus Still Available at its Pre-TGE, Extended to 29 April 2018


Neurogress is pleased to announce its ongoing communication with several International Organizations to fasttrack the Neurogress roadmap. Its proponents view collaboration with various relevant third-party organizations of immense importance. Being a decentralized project, Neurogress sees its primary mission of creating a core that will spark interest in neurocontrol, providing best technological backup and conditions for collaboration for those willing to participate in advancing the development of the neurocontrolled smart environment.


Based on the feedback of their partners and gaining a lot of interest from fiat economy to support the project, Neurogress welcomes additional financing from grants and traditional contributors. The website will also be opened to countries that are currently restricted in the pre-TGE phase and thus, help disseminate Neurogress concept and ideas, and additionally attract more interest from potential traditional contributors.


1.Current situation of the Neurotechnology market.

Neurocontrol is a technology at the intersection of multiple fields, each one compared to rocket science in complexity. For the advancement of the technology, they will partner with startups, academic organisations, research institutions and other competent players in the field. This approach is to ensure that the Ecosystem can benefit from ideas, knowledge, and experience.

Moreover, Neurogress is interested in joining efforts with major players in every industry it aims to enter, such as drones or AR/MR/VR in order to ensure that our expertise is not limited to neurocontrol, but also extend to the industries they plan to work with. This way, they ensure that neurocontrolled devices remain competitive compared to pseudo-interface controlled devices.
Neurogress is not a crypto-exchange platform, but an ecosystem.


2.New key partnerships are in progress

As the crypto market is embroiled in controversies arising from governments, the proponents of neuro-wearables or devices for harnessing the power of thought has explored teaming up with international organizations to form a community. The Neurogress team is dead-set with its timeline for developing a decentralized platform for neural control systems, based on the AI driven software and user-driven algorithm training.

Using the user’s own brainpower to control electronics — software and hardware — as easy and natural as never before is their motivation, this is their dream, and by Jove, they will bring it to completion. Partnerships with the neurotechnology and biotechnology academic and thought leaders are just the beginning of many collaborations which fasttrack research and development and help mitigate prevailing circumstances. Concise and validated inputs from prestigious neurotechnology and biotechnology research institutions continue to refine their projects — for there are many.


3.Assessing the landscape in several countries

Neurogress is in the process of establishing working groups from different labs throughout the world that would explore the neurocontrol related tasks and advance the technological aspects. Those groups include (but not limited to) the following experts in the field:

-Alexander Kaplan, Prof., Ph.D., D.Sc. (http://brain.bio.msu.ru)
-Rex Yeap, DBA (http://ye.sg/bio)
-Sohila Zadran, Ph.D. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sohila-zadran-48581b79/)
-Dragan Toroman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dragan-toroman-7a87072/)
-Nemanja Nikitovic (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nemanjanikitovic/)

Neurogress hopes to link up with programs in Institutions to fasttrack all phases of their development work. These new research projects and exploratory/developmental research are open to individuals or teams who can contribute to current ongoing Neurogress research and development of innovative technologies, methodologies, or instrumentation for basic or clinical studies of the brain in human, incorporating existing clinical studies and validated results with their partners in the academia on animal models.


4.Forming hubs and networks with Neurogress trailblazers

Neurogress recently announced the extension of the concept of collaborative Neurocontrol approach by forming a hub based in Switzerland that would bring several significant scientific competencies from the fields of Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Big Data, Signal Processing, etc. Neurogress is also currently organizing different outlets (hubs) in different countries where Neurogress developments will happen.

Neurogress is mission-bound to create outlets which will implement projects in direct partnership with local communities, with each beneficiary of the ecosystem fulfilling key roles in their local communities. Neurogress adherents (aptly called trailblazers) are designed to fit seamlessly into the community’s daily life, where they benefit by working on several projects which will utilize their skills.

All have a part of a vision which gets clarified upon joining a community of like-minded individuals who all have the impetus and resilience to not give up. The Neurogress team persevere in the face of uncertain success but continue in building up, growing stronger together — not minding detractors who chose to obliterate others in their path. They have stepped outside of their comfort zones, steadfastly facing obstacles, asking people to take their chance with them, not projecting on failure — which is the hindrance to many well-intentioned projects — and persevering until they finally achieve every timeline, every milestone in our roadmap.


In a recent interview, the Neurogress team revealed some crucial milestones:


“We are developing the capability of embracing neurocontrol even faster by the means of value-added machine learning algorithms. Let’s train them together and make their applied use go mainstream. There will be a marketplace for these algorithms as well as a Maker zone marketplace. The more input we provide by training the algorithm for specific actions, the more effective it becomes. So, it’s really about the algorithms that are put into the core of neurocontrol technology and in return, the neurocontrol technology for our better and more productive well-being.”


The Neurogress vision is to develop an entire ecosystem that will combine the interaction of clients, developers, designers, artists, technology enthusiasts, philanthropists — the list is endless and everyone can find themselves in it if they believe enough. The blueprint for the future is NOW, all can be a part of it.

Based on the above outstanding developments, Neurogress has adjusted the Pre-TGE (Token Generation Event) to April 29 for contributors to take advantage of the 50% Bonus for every Token purchased.


Telegram group: https://t.me/neurogress


You are welcome and don't hesitate to ask questions!

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Interesting proposal, would like to know more about it

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