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Digifel X11 PoW+MasterNodes

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Концепция. Платежная система PayPal.
Анализ рынка. Сильная валюта
Blockchain and Cheesy дизайн
Explorer v2.0. Обозреватель сделан
Кошелёк v.1.2.0. Mn enforc. включен
Листинг mnrank. http://mnrank.com
Обмен на stocks.exchange и CryptoBridge


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Интересный поворот событий вокруг монеты. Редкий случай,когда новая команда,состоящая из людей вложивших в монету нехилые бабки на старте(покупка мастернод и майнинг), создают новую монету на блокчейне скама. Старая команда оказалась лохотронщиками- ну им известно куда дорога.

Scribe-Сегодня в 02:46

@everyone This coin is in a reorgainiazation. The blockchain will be abandoned for a new name and new image due to the scams that are related to this community that are being addressed by new management/ownership that is completely removed from the old team.
Do not trust anything the users jmill, smith, or digifel, not any of them, whatever they say to you as they were part of they scam if you are approached.
They are part of the prior team that has led to scamming of many investors and damage to the coin's value. The new team already has solutions in the works and will be able to boost the coin's value prior to closing out the blockchain and offering a swap on the next coin's chain. The target timeframe is 2 months or less. Thank you for your patience in this reorganization as we step away from this scammed coin by dev that stole presale/premine so there is now no budget for new exchange listings. Let's work together in this reformation. Those who want to swap their coins will be invited to join the discord for the new coin that is to replace this one. You must own at least 1000 coins to take part in the swap so be sure to get over that amount if you want to be credited in the next coin's blockchain 1:1 for your coins.
A white paper and webpage, new twitter and ANN will be released soon. The name of the new coin will be revealed when the blockchain is ready to swap your investments out. Thank you for your patience! - Scribe the new Lead Dev(изменено)
My true ID is 364477188310827008. #0598 is my ID on my name. Do not be scammed by anyone else using my name. I am not doing any direct sales without announcing them in the #trade channel
If you want to know someone's true id, go to your gear settings next to your name on the bottom left. Open settings, click appearances then turn on dev mode at the bottom.
you can now right click and get someone's true id by right clicking and clicking "Copy ID" at the bottom of the menu.

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