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[KAR] Karpelescoin | Scrypt


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A 50% premined scrypt coin providing funds rehabilitation for affected MtGox customers. Rehabilitation will start on Jun 1st 2014. KarpelesCoin will be launched on Mar 30 2014 12:00 GMT. 
A limited KarpelesCoin IPO is available too.

  Learn more about KarpelesCoin
Launch: 1 days, 19 hours, 43 minutes, 27 seconds.

On 7 February 2014, all Bitcoin withdrawals were halted by Mt. Gox. The company said it was pausing withdrawal requests “to obtain a clear technical view of the currency processes”. The company issued a press release on February 10, 2014 stating that the issue was due to transaction malleability: “A bug in the bitcoin software makes it possible for someone to use the Bitcoin network to alter transaction details to make it seem like a sending of bitcoins to a bitcoin wallet did not occur when in fact it did occur. Since the transaction appears as if it has not proceeded correctly, the bitcoins may be resent. MtGox is working with the Bitcoin core development team and others to mitigate this issue.”

On 17 February 2014, with all Mt. Gox withdrawals still halted and competing exchanges back in full operation, the company published another press release indicating the steps they claim they are taking to address security issues. In an email interview with the Wall Street Journal, CEO Mark Karpeles refused to comment on increasing concerns among customers about the financial status of the exchange, did not give a definite date on which withdrawals would be resumed, and wrote that the exchange would impose "new daily and monthly limits" on withdrawals if and when they were resumed. A poll of 3000 Mt. Gox customers by CoinDesk indicated that 68% of customers were still awaiting funds from Mt. Gox. The median waiting time was between one to three months. 21% of poll respondents had been waiting for three months or more.

On 20 February 2014, with all withdrawals still halted, Mt. Gox issued yet another statement, giving no date for the resumption of withdrawals.


A protest by two Bitcoin enthusiasts outside the building that houses the Mt. Gox headquarters in Tokyo continued.

Citing "security concerns", Mt. Gox announced they had moved their offices to a different location in Shibuya. Bitcoin prices quoted by Mt. Gox dropped below 20% of the prices on other exchanges, reflecting the market's estimate of the unlikelihood of Mt. Gox paying their customers.


On 23 February 2014, Mark Karpeles, the CEO of Mt. Gox, resigned from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation. The same day, all posts on their Twitter account were removed.

On 24 February 2014, Mt. Gox suspended all trading, and hours later its website went offline, returning a blank page. An internal document claimed that the company was insolvent, after losing at least 744,408 BTC in a theft which went "undetected" for years.

As a result, thousands of MtGox customers are waiting funds rehabilitation ...


Learn about KarpelesCoin and funds rehabilitation proposal.

Ok, previous distribution schemes have been somehow succesful.

It is sure it would allow some refund rehabilitation to MtGox affected ... 

Why was not going to work with KarpelesCoin? 


Scrypt 50% premined.
Total coins: 21,000,000 KARPELES.
Block time: 10 min..
Re-target: Each block .
Block reward: 25 coins halving each 4 years.
Symbol: KAR
Launch: Mar 30 12:00 2014 GMT .
PREMINED 10,500,000 KARPELES with this scheme:
9,500,000 KARPELES: 

Most of PREMINED coins will be distribuited into MtGox affected, on the basis of


Rehab start on 1st Jun 2014 00:00 GMT.

1,000,000 KARPELES: 

For people who wants to invest, it will possible to purchase KARPELES BEFORE of Launch, purchasing 
1 KARPELES = 0.01 BTC.

IPO coins will be used for fund rehab andlegal fees.


Remain coins not being funded or purchased in IPO will be destroyed in unreachable KARPELES addressKARPE1ESwHERE1SoUrMoNEYxxxxxA4FcVt

Learn more about Funds Rehabilitation.

Funds Rehabilitation Up to 9,500,000 KARPELES for at least 744,408 BTC LOST BY MTGOX will be refunded.
Conversion to apply: 10 KARPELES = 1 BTC LOST by MtGox.
Funds Rehabilitation will start on Jun 1st 2014 00:00 GMT.
Rehabilitation according the stronger evidences, the sooner.
Court proofs, forensic data, blockchain, and other evidence will determine when the refund is made.
Rehab requests with [REHAB] reference to karpelescoin@karpelescoin.org 
An authentified distribution schema is intended to use for sending Rehabilitation.
Margin because of real amount of BTC lost by MtGoxA is unknown..
Remaining KARPELES not refunded will be destroyed in valid but unreachable KARPELES address KARPE1ESwHERE1SoUrMoNEYxxxxxA4FcVt
7,444,080 - 9,500,000 KARPELES: 

Most of PREMINED coins, at least 7,444,080 KARPELES, will be distribuited into MTGOX affected, on the basis of:


Rehab starts on 1st Jun 2014 00:00 GMT.
As soon as evidences be available. 
Intended to use an authentified distribution schema. 
Rehab requests tokarpelescoin@karpelescoin.org 

Coins no refunded will be destroyed.

0 - 2,055,920 KARPELES: 

Margin because of real ammount of BTCs lost by MtGox is unknown.

If not refunded, it will be destroyed.


Remaining coins will be destroyed inKARPE1ESwHERE1SoUrMoNEYxxxxxA4FcVt

Learn more about IPO.

IPO An Initial Public Offering (IPO) of not extendable MAX CAP 1,000,000 KARPELES holds until launch 30 Mar 2014 12:00 GMT.
Purchasing price: 1 KARPELES = 0.01 BTC .
MAX 1,000 KARPELES MIN 0.1 KARPELES per address.
Purchaser must to send BTC to IPO address at 189xMo1fUqfXowP55fbw6dRozj2uDh1gCf

Purchaser must to anotate BTC address and tx, sending data into email with [iPO] reference in subject to karpelescoin@karpelescoin.org.
IPO payments start just after launch, 30 Mar 12:00 GMT.
IPO coins will be used in Funds Rehab with strong evidence, attorney fees, and other similar cases.
Remaining KARPELES not purchased will be destroyed in valid but unreachable KARPELES address KARPE1ESwHERE1SoUrMoNEYxxxxxA4FcVt
Up to 1,000,000 KARPELES: 

Purchasing price 1 KARPELES = 0.01 BTC 
MAX 1,000 KARPELES per address, MIN 0.1 KARPELES.
BTCs will be sent to IPO address 189xMo1fUqfXowP55fbw6dRozj2uDh1gCf
Send tx data to karpelescoin@karpelescoin.org
Before launch 30 Mar 12:00 GMT.
Coins no purchased will be destroyed.


Remaining coins will be destroyed inKARPE1ESwHERE1SoUrMoNEYxxxxxA4FcVt

Dont have our client yet? Get it right here



Downloads -- SOON -- select your download  
downloadwin.png Pc Client

get your windows wallet here

downloadmac.png Mac Client

get you osx wallet here

downloadlinux.png Linux


github-logo.png Source


Have something to tell us? Want to donate or contribute?

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http://www.karpelescoin.org/ 9500000 Karpeles: 


Большинство PREMINED монет будет distribuited в MtGox пострадавших, на основе 10 Karpeles = 1 БТД , потерянных MtGOX 

Креативные ребята.  Посмотрим, как будет выполняться обещание по раздаче премайна.

+3487.16 %  за 1день !!! 



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Пора бы уже о гоксах и карпелесах забыть как о страшном сне, нет блин, давайте еще говнофорков наплодим, вдруг народ скинется и компенсирует сотни миллионов баксов потерь связанных с крахом биржи.

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чужое материальное благосостояние меня волнует далеко не в первую очередь, так что не стал бы ванговать этой монетке какого либо успешного будущего.

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Как корабля назовешь - так и поплывёт.

Помайнил 5 часов на пуле http://karpeles.poolerspool.com/ ради прикола.

0 монет.

На письма не отвечают.

Ученики достойны учителя.

Сдаётся мне, что пуловоды использовали мощности для майнинга к.-нибудь скрипта.

Сейчас на пуле остались - 2 невменяемых.

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