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Cryptocleaner.com is scam?!


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Still not received 122 LTC sent via cryptocleaner.com 8 days ago.


Full story:

I'm concerned about privacy and anonymity in crypto*coin networks. So I've searched for mixer for LTC and found link to the subject. One person called "crypto" frequently mentioned it here.

Feb, 18: first transaction - 5 LTC. After 10 hours it was processed. Coins was received by wallet.

Feb, 19: second transaction - 36 LTC. After 2 hours it was processed. OK.

Feb, 19: third transaction - 122 LTC. Coins leaked. All addresses were correct, I checked it. I see from block-explorer: coins were sent through a chain of another addresses probably to an exchange like cryptsy or btc-e, or (sorry) mtgox.


I sent personal message to "crypto" on this forum. Still no reply after a week... It may be software bug. But: there is no contact at cryptocleaner.com at all...


I think this mixer is really scam. So you are warned... Just another real life lesson.

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