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Crowdmarket.net - Verified UpWork accounts for job and leadgeneration!


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Sevices available for you:

Verified Accounts

- Price starts from: $150/month.
- Powerfull Workstations with 24\7 uptime
- Comprehensive service and daily support
- Help with cover letters and profile management
- Payment Platforms included

You can also avail of our additional services:

1) Job Finding Support:

- Profile, cover letter, and resume preparation
- Tailored services based on individual needs
- Periodic courses and training programs on making money with upwork

2) Other Services:
- Assistance with resume creation, LinkedIn, Freelancer.com accounts, etc

3) Payment Platform Accounts:
- Rental and account verification for custom payment methods

4) Binance and Similar Account Rentals:
- Cost:starts from $50

5) Fast Exchange Services:
- PayPal to Payoneer, Payoneer to crypto, etc

All our customers earn money with Crowd Market referral program

"By our referral program you can get your account for free if 3 people make a purchase through your referral link on crowdmarket.net"


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In the Russian-speaking forum, posts can be published that are either 1) Written entirely in Russian, or 2) If you use native language (for example, English), please use Russian version duplicated in the same post. Google translate is allowed. 

Publications that do not match these rules are moved to sections "English" or "Other".


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