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GHOST Desktop Wallet

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The Ghost team has officially completed the emergency hardfork on Friday, March 5th, that has temporarily disabled RingCT and CT transactions to fix the potential vulnerability from our parent code Particl.


For weeks now, the Ghost team has thoroughly investigated and scanned the outstanding coin supply. Public outputs and anon transfers have also been monitored around the clock. Currently, there has been no evidence of any exploit being used successfully on the Ghost blockchain, but the team will continue to take every necessary precaution to protect the future of GHOST.

Ghost will require a second hardfork in the upcoming weeks. The second hardfork will aim at restoring RingCT and CT transactions, while also preventing any illegitimate coins that could be anonymous, from being used in the future.

As of today, all exchanges have been notified that they are safe to open up deposits and withdrawals once again until further notice.

(WARNING) Updating is mandatory for you to use Ghost and interact with exchanges and individuals. Do not make any transaction using any of the older, Ghost versions as they will not show up after updating.

Please update your Ghost desktop wallet and nodes immediately, if you have not already. https://github.com/ghost-coin/ghost-desktop/releases

WINDOWS https://github.com/ghost-coin/ghost-desktop/releases/download/v2.0.10/ghost-desktop-2.0.10-win.exe
LINUX https://github.com/ghost-coin/ghost-desktop/releases/download/v2.0.10/ghost-desktop-2.0.10-linux-x64.zip
MACOS https://github.com/ghost-coin/ghost-desktop/releases/download/v2.0.10/ghost-desktop-2.0.10-mac.dmg

If you need help updating please visit the Official GhostHelp Chat in Telegram

Thank You!

We want to thank you for your support and patience as we prepare for the second hardfork and continue to protect the sanctity of the Ghost Blockchain. We understand that you may have questions out of these sudden updates, the Ghost team will do its best to keep you informed, so keep an eye out for any new information here at GhostVeterans.com!


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Cold Staking Guide


Staking pools combine all of the coins in a pool together to have a increased chance of staking a block collectively, opposed to simply staking by yourself. The rewards are then divided among all users who are contributing their coins to the pool. Most pools charge a small fee to operate. That information is publicly available in the pool list or on their website.

1) Find a Ghost Cold Staking Pool to Join
Ghost is a decentralized project and therefore the staking pools are created by the community. Here is a list of the Ghost Pools that you can join here: Github Coldstaking Pool List. Look through the list, visit their websites, and decide the best pool for you. Staking pools are completely safe, but some may be more reliable than others. This is our recommend pool below:

https://myghost.org/ Public Key: gcs179wukwy95kewa6pex7f47w3xuzn3nywqdng394


2) How to Join a Pool
First, make sure that you have the Ghost Desktop Wallet downloaded. Then copy the public key address from the pool list or from the pools website. In your Ghost Wallet you will see the “Cold Staking” widget on the right hand side. Click on the + icon to delegate your Ghost coins to the staking pool. Paste in the public key for the cold staking pool you want to join, and click the “Enable cold staking” button.




3) Now restart the Ghost wallet.
Once it’s back open you will see “Activation 0%” on the sidebar widget. Click on the “Zap” button (red arrow). This will speed up the process and begin staking your coins. A popup will appear with some information and this process will take a small fee. Click the red button “Zap to 100%” and the sidebar progress should be close to 100% within a couple of minutes.




Congratulations! You’ve joined a staking pool.

4) Rewards are dispersed by the staking pool owner, which on average is every 100 blocks (about every 3 hours). When you first join a staking pool it will take 255 confirmations for your funds to be utilized in the pool (around 7–8 hours).

5) How to Leave a Pool
The process to leave a staking pool is very simple. Simply click the “Disable” button on the right hand side under “Cold Staking Node” and you will be removed from the pool. To join a new one follow the steps above again.




(Note) Joining a staking pool does not send your Ghost to the pool. Ghost coins will remain in your wallet. You can continue sending and receiving funds as normal.

What is Stake Bonus in a pool?

Stake bonus is a reallocation of block rewards. It rewards those that create or mine the block by giving them a little more than everyone else. Meaning, the more coins you have, the more beneficial stake bonus is to you.

Is Cold Staking Secure?

Cold staking allows you keep your funds 100% safe and stake at the same time. Cold Staking is a mechanism through which funds are delegated to a cold staking public key to stake the delegated inputs. The staking software is only allowed to sign transactions that perform the staking. Therefore, it is ensured that a breach will never result in users funds being stolen.

What is Hot Staking?

Hot staking is very similar to cold staking, except you are all alone by yourself. Staking rewards will always be 4 Ghost, since that is the staking reward for a block. This can be very inconsistent and depends greatly on the number of Ghost you have. Hot Staking requires you to keep your wallet software open and computer running constantly. This allows blocks to be generated and signed using the private-keys that hold said funds. However, this can be very risky. You are required to keep your wallet open and your computer connected to the internet. Anyone that gains access to your computer could also gain control over your funds.

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Ghost fixes

Here are some of the known problems you might encounter while using the Ghost desktop wallet.

Update Ghost desktop wallet to the latest core

In order to update the core, you only need to close the Ghost desktop wallet and open it again. This time it will show “downloading new daemon.” This could take various minutes depending on your internet speed. After the download is over you will have the latest core.



⦁ Open your Ghost Desktop wallet and click on the debug console
⦁ Input “clearbanned”
⦁ Open your Ghost Desktop wallet and click on the debug console
⦁ Input “addnode ghostseeder.ghostbyjohnmcafee.com add”

You can do both commands if needed.

ReIndex (out of sync) / Wrong Balance [FOR MAC USERS]

⦁ Close ghost desktop
⦁ Go the applications folder
⦁ Find the ghost desktop app
⦁ Click show package contents
⦁ Go to Contents > MacOS
⦁ It will show a ghost desktop executable
⦁ Now open terminal
⦁ Drag ghost desktop executable to the terminal
⦁ Add this after a space -reindex -rescan -zapwallettxes=1
⦁ Execute it by pressing enter
Note: If syncing takes too long or is stuck then open your Ghost Desktop wallet and click on the debug console and input “clearbanned”

ReIndex (out of sync) / Wrong Balance [FOR WINDOWS USERS]

⦁ Right click on the ghost desktop shortcut
⦁ Click open file location
⦁ Open cmd
⦁ drag the ghost desktop exe to cmd
⦁ then in cmd, after a space type -reindex -rescan -zapwallettxes=1
Note: If syncing takes too long or is stuck then open your Ghost Desktop wallet and click on the debug console and input “clearbanned”

ReIndex (out of sync) / Wrong Balance [FOR LINUX(Desktop) USERS]

⦁ Close ghost desktop
⦁ Open Terminal and run:
⦁ ~/ghostcore/ghost-qt -reindex -rescan -zapwallettxes=1


How to update your vps to the lastest core.

Updating the VPS to the lastest core is an easy task. The compiled steps below were made by a member of the community.

“For reference, the node was set up according to the Ghost VPS Guide here:

1) First you need to log in to your ghost coldstaking node using PuTTY (windows) or terminal (mac/linux). To do this you will paste your VPS IP address and login password. You can refer to the instruction in the VPS Guide above if you forgot how to do that.
2) Once you are logged in, it will display the current version (v. You can also check the version by running the command: “ghostd -version” (do not include quotations, note there is a space after ‘ghostd’)
3) To update, run the following command: “bash ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh update” (don’t include quotes)
4) Press “y” and hit enter at the following prompt.
5) The entire update will run automatically. When it is done and you open your desktop wallet, you will note that the screen says “downloading new daemon… xx%” Once this is downloaded you will see the latest version in the bottom right corner. „
Known Issues and solutions:
Enter commands in vps console (SSH connection, PuTTY, Web-Portal)


ghostd listening (IP): NO





sudo apt-get install net-tools


ghostd listening (IP): YES
ghostd connection count : 0


~/ghostcore/ghost-cli addnode ghostseeder.ghostbyjohnmcafee.com add
~/ghostcore/ghost-cli clearbanned


Last block local and ghostscan.io are not the same height





rm -rf ~/.ghost/blocks-old
mv ~/.ghost/blocks ~/.ghost/blocks-old

sudo apt-get install net-tools

[ the above is a one-time step if you didn’t follow official instructions to setup cold staking wallet, you run this step only the very first time you install or update your cold staking wallet ]

bash ~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh restart

[ wait for 15 minutes ]

bash ~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh stakingnode stats
[ run the above command for a few times until you see all days of the months reflecting number of stakes ]

bash ~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh status

[ check carefully for connected peers, you should see YES and 1 or 2 peers connected ][ run the above command whenever you would like to see your coldstaking-node status ]


Everything is mixed up and you want to do a clear reinstall.
Reinstall vps:
vultr Website:




Then follow the vps cold staking setup guide
starting at this section here:

“Connecting to your VPS”

The next part of this guide we will be connecting to the VPS we created in the previous section. This will vary slightly if you are on Windows, Mac, or Linux machine.

Windows Users Only (PUTTY)

(Mac Users Guide is further down the page)

  1. For windows you will need to download an application called PUTTY if you do not already have it.
  2. You can find the download link to the application here, https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html

You have to stop coldstaking in wallet and wait for 12/12 confirmations,
then start coldstaking again with the new coldstaking public key and ZAP it.




No issue, coins need to mature

Basic VPS Commands

  1. Show Ghostman version:

~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh version

  1. Show status of Ghost node:

~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh status

  1. Show version of Ghost node:

~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh status | grep “ghostd version”

  1. Stop Ghost node:

~/ghostcore/ghost-cli stop

  1. Update Ghost node:

~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh selfupdate
~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh update

  1. Restart Ghost node:

~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh restart now

  1. Show staking rewards list:

~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh stakingnode stats

  1. Show coldstaking public key:

~/ghostman/bin/ghostman.sh stakingnode info

  1. Show the last 100 lines of debug.log:

cat ~/.ghost/debug.log | tail -100


Resync the Wallet [FOR Win USERS]

Close The Wallet


Go to “C:\Users`Your PC Name`\AppData\roaming\ghost\blocks


Rename the Folder “blocks” to blocks old .


Restart the Wallet and the Syncing will start.

Resync the Wallet [FOR MAC USERS]


Close The Wallet


On MAC, go to the Ghost blocks directory: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Ghost/blocks/
There is a space in “Application Support” that is why there is the escape backslash.


So to move your potential bad block list out of the way and trigger a fresh download the next time Ghost is started, use:
mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Ghost/blocks/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/Ghost/blocks_old


Restart the Wallet and the Syncing will start.




Then on restart you can click on the “Syncing with the network” message and see a status dialog like this.

Double check the ‘signal strength’ icon to ensure you have 10+ peers etc.

Do not freak out if you have transactions that go red with 0/12 confirmations. Those blocks need to be re-downloaded before the client can update the status of your transactions in your log.

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