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[ANN][IEO][ICO] ADONX- Pre Sale -50% Adonx.One - A New Exchange Era

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  To purchase visit https://adonx.one

website has DApp, most of the purchase part is automatic.

Min purchase cap 0.1 ETH  


Smart Contract Address:


All interested parties on Adonx Pre-Sale must have their own ETH wallet, wallets from an exchange or custodial wallets ( like freewallet.org, binance.com) are not valid. 
You must have a wallet to which you have access to a respective private key or mnemonic words, as this is the only way you will be able to access the purchased Adonx tokens.

Early investors on ADONX Token Pre-Sale can send ETH to 0x52E253BE66dfCA8A3036697d8881135fCB702F42 starting from 20th February. The price are 1 ETH = 5000 ADONX (50% bonus included) and for this stage there is 550000 ADONX tokens allocated.

How to purchase ADONX tokens::

Go to the website https://adonx.one
Follow the instructions on the website to connect your wallet and complete the transaction

**Use Token calculator to know the total amount of tokens you will get.

Preferred Wallets::


Please note- When you are using myetherwallet, metamask or trustwallet please use the following instructions::

From address # Your connected wallet account address ( automatic )

To Address # 0x52E253BE66dfCA8A3036697d8881135fCB702F42

Amount # Your desired value in ETH (Minimum 0.1ETH)

Gas Price # Average speed value

Gas Limit # 200 000

Your wallet ( from where you sent ETH ) will be getting ADONX of the desired transaction amount.

To view the tokens purchased in a wallet like metamask you should add custom tokens to the tokens list with the token address- #0x1aa11f0feafb5db797764916f0d67a4fe8132985 [Not Send ETH to this Address will be lost forever]
when you enter the above address, it will automatically resolve the below values::

Token Symbol: ADONX
Decimals of Precision: 18
Follow further instructions in your wallet to view the tokens.



 Medium: https://link.medium.com/vZjUjCa15db

More Coming


  Read: https://adonx.one/assets/docs/whitepaper.pdf


 MyEtherWallet: https://www.myetherwallet.com/
Metamask: https://metamask.io/
Trustwallet: https://trustwallet.com/





Bounties ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5320460.msg56449538#msg56449538

Airdrop: https://t.me/ADONXairdropbot


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