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HODL Art is amazing Artworks and non-fungible tokens in one bundle

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About Us

We are cryptocurrency experts, and we know "all bells and whistles” of the market. Art captures the beauty of the moments. A combination of blockchain and art offers uniquely creative and financial opportunities for artists, collectors and art lovers. 

Our group HODLArt Artists consists of inspired IT specialists and artists.

We use our non-fungible token (HART) based on Ethereum blockchain to confirm your ownership of Artwork. Unique identifier that can be tracked. 


 What do we do?

We present artworks of our artists on the platforms: rarible.com and opensea.io Anyone can buy an NF token and get rights to a specific handmade artwork. Use your ETH wallet to pay and receive NFT(s).  


Being The interweaving of art and cryptocurrency, each painting is handmade and unique and exists only in the original. Each artwork is tagged with a token. 


Our project is an opportunity to invest in handmade crypto art. We use smart contracts to assign ownership rights to a painting (HART token). You will have a title to the painting via a "smart contract".


How is it done?


Buy NFT token on Rarible or Opensea


You can buy an NF token at rarible.com and opensea.io and you can do whatever you want: keep, sell, gift, exchange or redeem for artwork.  All transactions with trading token take place at the rarible.com and opensea.io platforms.


If you want to get a painting, you need to exchange a Trade Token (NFT token on Rarible or Opensea) for the Ownership HART Token (from our SmartContract). After this, we will obtain from you more specific information about shipment details and we will send you the painting.


Each work has a QR code with ArtworkID (from HART token). You can click on the link to learn more about the work and its owner. 


What problem do we solve? What is our mission?   

We are confident that the Ethereum protocol for NF-tokens opens up new opportunities for art collectors and artists. Each token is generated by a smart contract, which is unique, non-fungible and forever linked to a specific work of art. NFTs effectively resolve copyright infringement issues, create a trustworthy ecosystem for collecting digital art and strengthen artists’ retail rights. With NFTs and the blockchain, artists' retail rights are programmed into the code.


Are you looking for making a profit? Then buy the paintings from our collection and sell later when the value of art increases exponentially. 

Why will it happen? We are one of the first to confirm ownership of a painting via blockchain. We are the first and we will make you rich. Blockchain technology has entered the art world to change it.

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