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[BTL] BitLeu Manifesto | Scrypt-jane

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Bitleu - a cryptocurrency for Romania and romanians everywhere - ASIC and MultiPool proof
Bitleu king of cryptocurrency

     As Chris Ellis says regarding new cryptocurrencies:

“The first step is to find a community and build a currency around them rather than building a currency and expecting everyone to show up.” and “It has to be sensitive to their needs and be relevant to their cultural heritage and background.”

     Bitleu is an ASIC and Multipool resistant coin that uses a unique combination of hashing and mixing functions known as Scrypt Jane.
     The BitLeu is not just an electronic currency, it is a new concept that intends to bring the value of the money back in the pockets of our people and not anymore in the pockets of politicians and rich people.

     The idea behind this concept will be enforced by a Foundation which will have a named President and other members. The president and leading members of the Foundation will be incorruptible people with ideals higher than gathering large amounts of money for their own benefits. These people are not affiliated in any way with the actual government and money-thirsty leaders. The chosen president will be a well known and respected person with a high academic rank.

     Everyone should be aware that the whole Bitleu concept is not designed with a mine-and-dump idea in mind. Low block rewards slowly increasing for the first year coupled with the increase of the N-factor will not allow huge farm owners to dump big amounts on exchanges, thus leaving the coin with a very little amount to trade.

There will be a total of 5,000,000,000 coins (5 billions).
Premined: 2,500,000,000 (50 %)

     The premined will be spread the following way:
 - 0.1 % of total coins for the creator of the coin, which will be used to help in development when starting (rewards, payments for advertisements, payments for coding/applications, lawyer consultation for the next steps following the launch and any other things pertaining to the development of this virtual currency/idea).
 - 4.9 % of total coins will go into the Foundation's fund which will have an open book for all the spendings.
 - 45 % of total coins will be given to the romanians over the course of the next years, making sure that the coin will have a huge spread. The foundation will play it's role in making sure the spread is fair and there will be no people receiving the same amount of money twice. Each romanian will receive 100 coins and the Personal Numeric Code (CNP, which is unique) will identify each person used to receive the currency. For the romanians outside the country that do not have a Personal Numeric Code there will be other ways of submitting proof of their origin. As of now the population is approximately 17 million while the Diaspora might be close to 15 million. Whatever is left from distributing the coins to the population will be transferred into Foundation's funds.

     This thread is not self-moderated and everyone will have the right to post their opinions regarding this new crypto-currency but we expect love/hate to be debated in any other threads. I personally respect people's opinions and I do not to interfere with the freedom of speech on the forum. I would like you to know that the people leading the foundation will be a group of people with high ideals and noble causes, not doing this for becoming rich - a fact that will be proven as soon as this currency will show success.

     Just keep in mind that the Bitleu will have some advantages that not many of the new alt coins have, protection from ASICs, spread, a community and a real person as the leader of the Foundation which will guide it's members to success and not to failure.

     I expect our government to be angry when seeing people giving value to something that is just virtual, but I am sorry to say to them that they have no control whatsoever over this currency. In many people's opinion, the value of a commodity/fiat is something just perceived and not necessarily real. What stands behind the value of it is an idea. The idea of a corrupt government can't make a strong value for the currency issued by that government. Here, as I see it fitting, I should quote Mr. Gavin Andresen: "Ideas stand on their own".

     The Foundation will have it's own constitution and it will gather members in associations which will invest their crypto-currency in real-life investment projects, probably located in foreign countries so our government will not be able to do something against these ventures. The projects will be transparent to it's investors and all the profits from these projects will be returned to the investors. Everyone that is a member of a project will be able to actively participate with ideas/physical work that will insure the future of the project can be only a success. The members of associations will be able to vote on decisions pertaining to each project.
     Details of these projects will come in the close future, after first consulting lawyers, naming the President of the Foundation and the board members. The available mined coins can be already invested in these projects as soon as the foundation will create the framework, which will increase the credibility of the currency/idea. This currency/idea was certainly not built with a 'get rich quick scheme' in mind.

You can find below the specifications of the currency:

5 Billion total coins
2.5 Billion coins Premined
2.5 Billion coins for mining in 16 years
Block Time: 60 Seconds
Confirmations Mined Blocks: 30
Transaction Confirmations: 5
Port: 22641
RPCPort: 22640

  • Block 2 - 100,000 = 125 coins
  • Block 100,001 - 200,000 = 250 coins
  • Block 200,001 - 300,000 = 500 coins
  • Block 300,001 - 500,000 = 1000 coins
  • Block 500,001 - 1 000,000 = 2000 coins
  • Block 1,000,001 - 1,500,000 = 1000 coins
  • Block 1,500,001 - 2,000,000 = 500 coins
  • Block 2,000,001 - 2,500,000 = 250 coins
  • Block 2,500,001 - 3,000,000 = 125 coins
  • Block 3,000,001 - 8,500,000 = 50 coins

Bitleu uses scrypt-jane library mining with Proof Of Work having a variable n factor.
GPU mining power will decrease slowly and GPU mining will become a lot slower than it was during the start.
This period of mining decreasing power coupled with slowly increased rewards will slowly close the gap between CPU and GPU mining, resulting in more profitable and fair mining rewards for CPU miners also.
GPU mining will still always be faster than CPU mining, but the modified nFactor will give Bitleu more long-term scarcity and value.

Official website:
Under development!

Romanian thread:

Chinese thread:
Other chinese forums:

Download sources here:

Download Windows client here:

Download Mac OSX 10.9 wallet here:
Mac wallet was compiled by the owner of thepool.pw and not by us. Please scan before using.

Example bitleu.conf:

Please remember that you can not mine with regular cgminer 3.7.2.

GPU Miner for AMD download link (courtesy of Thirtybird):
starttime is 1394480376

Windows Binaries:

GPU Miner for AMD thread and settings How To:

This modified miner will let you highly customize the intensity by using the raw intensity settings for very precise settings depending on the current n factor.

GPU Miner for Nvidia download link (courtesy of cbuchner1 - Christian Buchner):

GPU Miner for Nvidia thread including links for Windows compiled versions:

CPU Miner download link:

List of available pools:

Please always remember that pools are not banks. Set up the minimum automatic withdrawal so your coins will be safe in case of pool hacking and minimize your losses !

Promotion thread, get your 100 BTL for the first 100 people:

Rewards tasks thread:

Crocko is the member taking care of the trading section.

Please like us on Facebook:

Or, follow us on Twitter @BitLeu

Please vote for us to be listed on the exchanges:

List of exchanges and their respective markets:



Block explorer:

Get your free 1 BTL every 2 hours in our new faucet:

Bitleu has been listed on Vardiff.com !

I am looking as of now into getting more supporters for this coin, please PM and let me know what are your visions about this coin and what are your intentions. Hopefully there will be teams that can work towards the success of this coin as I intend to stick to the original plans.

List of active supporters of this coin:

1. lumberinvestments
2. crocko
3. Teodor
4. rammy2k2
5. qiwoman
6. burningzoul
7. nick777
8. czmzone

Bitleu Press Conference in Iasi, http://bitenergi.org/event/bitleu-iasi-conference/
Held by CEO of Austrocasa, Mr. Teodor Miroslav Muntean regarding investments projects of Bitcoin/Litecoin/Bitleu owners, through Bitenergi. Now you will be able to use cryptocurrencies for investments in real life projects with the certainty of profit.


The Bitleu - Bringing Romanians and the global community closer together


“The first step is to find a community and build a currency around them rather than building a currency and expecting everyone to show up.” and “It has to be sensitive to their needs and be relevant to their cultural heritage and background.” Chris Ellis

The Bitleu is a crypto-currency made for Romanians no matter where they reside. The ideal behind Bitleu is to bring the value of money back to the pockets of Romanians. For too long the already wealthy and powerful have profited and it is time the rest of us realize some value from our labors.

A foundation will be created to enforce the ideals that inspired Bitleu. This Foundation will ensure that Bitleu is fair, honest and offers a level playing field. The Foundation's constitution will promote free speech via forums polls and other communications. The constitution will enforce genuine transparency in all Foundation's projects.

The Bitleu Foundation will manage investments in real-world projects that we, the people that value Bitleu, believe that it can make for a better world and future. If you want to be a part of this then simply join us and have your voice heard. Full transparency and open forum communications will enable anyone with access to the Internet to participate.




Bitcoin & Bitleu Iasi Conference

June 27 - 28 | 5BTL

Organizers: Bitleu Foundation & Bitenergi Ltd.
Start: 27.06.2014 h 10AM.
End: 27.06.2014 h 13PM.

Bitcoin & Bitleu Conference donations welcomed:
BTL: LQzAK7G7v6FJ4avyeftUPzPFMwnNq7GABa
BTC: 16SQCqq47TPyusAzCuzTivQ1XZ4JbKVhDE
LTC: LRNsexudehzjgb3R4A8x5xsPRzJbVwH2dZ
Thank you!



Details Start: June 27, 2014 End: June 28, 2014 Cost: 5BTL Event Categories: BitcoinBitleu Event Tags: Bitleu Conference Website: http://www.bitenergi.org
Organizer BitEnergi Phone: 40762120220 Website: www.bitenergi.com
Venue Palas Business Centre Phone: 40762120220 Palas, Iasi, Iasi 700539 Romania + Google Map Website: www.bitenergi.org
Bitleu Sustained Social Eco Housing Project

We are helping people to fulfill their house building dreams by partnering with Habitat for Humanity Romania.

At this moment (March 2014) we are building the structure for below shown house for a teacher from Radauti, SV, Romania.



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майню на этом пуле http://btl.coinsprofit.com 

если надо могу дать настройки на 7850 

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Хватить копипастить темы. Переводите на русский!

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Хватить копипастить темы. Переводите на русский!

бери переводи умник! просто есть люди которые даже не знают где смотреть новые валюты и т.п. , вылаживаю для общего обозрения если не нравиться пусть МОдер удаляет.

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Хватить копипастить темы. Переводите на русский!

бери переводи умник! просто есть люди которые даже не знают где смотреть новые валюты и т.п. , вылаживаю для общего обозрения если не нравиться пусть МОдер удаляет.


А, ну ок, вы"лаж"ивай дальше :D

Edited by SeaSoul

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Да,конечно надо выкладывать ...оно и так все понятно,сколько монет да какой алгоритм,этого достаточно для цены :lol:

А тем кому нужен перевод ,браузер есть ...яндекс...точно ,умники))))))))))

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