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[GRCE] Greececoin | Scrypt

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Как всегда обсуждаем. Греческий форк.




Greececoin is arriving soon to provide a new innovative crypto currency for citizens and businesses of Greece. This new currency will bring confidence and belief back to the people of Greece so that they can continue to prosper in our so ever changing world. In the year of 2008 when the global recession occurred, Greece was one of the worst hit countries and it was believed to have been caused  by a combination of structural weaknesses of the Greek economy along with a decade long pre-existence of overly high structural deficits and debt-to-GDP levels on public accounts. 

There have been many rescue packages given to Greece from the European Financial Stability Facility accounting for over 1 Trillion euros but we feel Greece deserves something new and which will take Greece forward and give power back to the people and businesses of Greece.

A new open source peer to peer crypto currency which is not owned by Banks or governments but only citizens and businesses of Greece.

Greececoin will have a total supply of 32 million coins which will have a 50% premine. The 50% Premine will be split into two separate accounts of 40% (12,800,000 12.8 million) and 10% (3,200,000 3.2 Million)

The first 40% of the premine will be distributed to National citizens of Greece by Greececoins being sent to citizens via there national i.d number as proof of identity to receive coins. The second 10% of the premine can be claimed by the Companies of the Greek economy where a company will have to use there tax code for proof of receiving coins.

Distributing Greececoins between the people and businesses will allow a greater understanding of how an open source crypto currency will work and will also provide a greater interaction with people using their Greececoins to purchase things from greek businesses. With this in place it will provide a strong fundamental in which the greek economy can start to grow.

The first air drop of 40% will be released first to the national citizens of greece one month after the release date. Greek businesses can claim there Greececoins 1 month after the the first air drop for the citizens. This will allow people to become familiar with the new crypto currency and learn about how to use it. We have to concur that not every citizen will claim their entitled Greececoin therefore the first airdrop will distribute 32 coins to each citizen. The air drop will commence for 2 months and each citizen who claims will receive 32 Greececoins.

The second stage of the air drop, ‘air drop biz’ will be claimed by the companies of Greece and we are hoping there will be measures set up beforehand with companies to put in place products and services in which Greececoins can be used as a method of payment. Each registered Greek company will receive 96 Greececoins and we are hoping the first companies to receive Greececoin will then begin to invest further into the Greek crypto Currency

Coins which are not claimed within the last air drops of both citizens and companies will be used for promotion and continual development of Greececoin

This now leaves 50% of Greececoins which will be mined via Scrypt algorithm and below are the coin specifications.


Windows Wallet: http://www.mediafire.com/download/amw3r931etpq590/GreeceCoin-QT.zip
Password: [email protected]!
(If the wallet does NOT SYNC. Make Sure you disable your firewall so the wallet can pick up the connection nodes.)

Linux Wallet: You can use the source to compile the Linux wallet.

Source Code: https://github.com/Greececoindev/Greececoin

(The wallet will be released within a couple of hours of launch but will be password protected. The password and Github source will be released at launch at 8:00PM GMT.

The First 350 Blocks are going to be at a reduced reward, after 350 blocks the bigger reward will be back. This will make the launch Fair to all miners)



Coin Specifications

Name: Greececoin
Abbreviation: GRCE
Scrypt Algorithm
Total Supply: 32,000,000 Million
Block Target: 2 mintues
Block Reward: 32 coins
Difficulty retarget: KGW (every block)
Block Reward halving every 250,000 blocks
Premine: 50%

- 350 Blocks reduced Rewards, this gives time for miners to setup & also pool owners to implement the source code.
- 64 Blocks mined for block maturity and checkpoints (The block rewards were reduced for this process)

Greek Citizen Distribution

Coin supply: 12,800,000

4 air drops commencing every 2 months

Stage 1 Duration 2 months/ 3,200,000 coins/ between 100,000 people = 32 coins per citizen

Stage 2 Duration 2 months/ 3,200,000 coins/ between 200,000 people = 16 coins per citizen

Stage 3 Duration 2 months/ 3,200,000 coins/ between 500,000 people = 6.4 coins per citizen

Stage 4 Duration 2 months/ 3,200,000 coins/ between 3.2 million people = 1 coin per person

(All coins which are not claimed via each air drop will automatically be added to the last air drop)

Greek Business Distribution (air drop biz)

Coin supply: 3,200,000

3 Air drops commencing every 2 months

Stage 1 Duration 2 months/ 1066666 coins/ between 11111 companies = 96 coins per company

Stage 2 Duration 2 months/ 1066666 coins/ between 33,333 companies = 32 coins per company

Stage 3 Duration 2 months/ 1066666 coins/ between 33,333 companies = 32 coins per company

(All coins which are not claimed by each air drop from Greek companies will be automatically added to the last air drop)

Why would I want Greececoins, I’m not from Greece?

Greececoin is an open source crypto currency which means its open to everyone. It’s targeted at Greece to provide Greece with a new alternative in order to help with its economic growth and to offer a new initiative currency which can also grow and adapt to our world. 

Community information and how to Contact the Developers

Website http://www.greececoin.net/home.html (still in beta stages)

Forum: https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/1108-greececoin-grce/

Visit Our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/Greececoin

Exchanges: http://www.kingcoiny.com/landing
Please contact me via Private message here on bitcointalk for more information.

http://greece.leetpools.net/ - PROP/Vardiff with 1% fee
http://grce.okaypool.com/ - 0% fee
https://grce.charityminingpools.com/ - 0% to the first 50 miners to register. 
https://www.minep.it - 1.5% fee
http://grce.520cn.com/ - 1.5% fee
We're looking for pools to host GreeceCoin. Please contact me via Private message here on bitcointalk for more information. 


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У вас в первой строке ошибка в слове "говнофорк".

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У вас в первой строке ошибка в слове "говнофорк".

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А я думал его еще нет ,в календаре 29 марта написано ,а на биржы и не обратил внимание ...долбанный календарь :D  http://cryptocoincalendar.com/march-2014.html

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