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Эффективный облачный майнинг 20|50|100GH/s = 0.16|0.4|0.8฿ Живой видео поток


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Our team offer hosted mining service with live video stream of hashing.


There is our promotional materials:










Visit our website for more details http://alpha-miners.com or contact us in this topic   ;)

We are not native speakers of the English language so please be patient to our grammar.


You can watch LIVE VIDEO STREAM here: http://www.twitch.tv/alphaminer


-= FAQ =-


When and how often will I be paid?

We pay directly to your nominated bitcoin wallet(s) every week:

1st day of month, 8th day of month, 15th day of month, and 22nd day of month.


How many coins are generated daily?

This figure changes every two weeks, but you can get an accurate estimated payout using Bitcoin profitability calculator.


What miners do you use?

We use custom made Asic miners

Hash rate: 450-550 GH/s

Power consumption: about 900-1100W


Are you registered company?

No. We are not incorporated. If you are interested in my national ID I can show driver's license or passport, to verify my identity to real buyers.


Feel free to contact us:

Email : alphaminers@hotmail.com

Skype : Alphaminers

ICQ : 692948532



First 10 buyers get 10% bonus to Ghashes.

Example: if you but 20 GH/s. You get 2 GH/s for free.

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про видео - может я и не прав, но присмотревшись к нему такое ощущение, как оно зациклено и крутиться по кругу 3-4 сек... Включите в полно экранный режим и посмотрите сами... :D

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