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[ANN] [ICO] FinTab – The Accounting System for Cryptocurrency Portfolios | December 14th

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The Accounting System for
Cryptocurrency Portfolios


Private investors
Private investors don't need an overloaded system which is more difficult for understanding than cryptocurrencies.


The investor does not care how much the currency has grown; the only thing that matters is how much he has earned and how he can earn more. At the same time, not all users know the basics of trading and they need recommendations.

For traders the maximum automation is required not to waste their time on accounting and analytics. Traders make transactions on various exchanges (because of the rate difference) and financial accounting becomes a very laborious task.

If the trader takes the finance under management he needs to report to the clients to make it clear and simple as possible not wasting much time. And it is extremely significant for traders to understand their efficiency. All the traders strive to create the most effective and attractive portfolio to obtain more portfolios under management.

For funds it is needed to reduce the routine processing of huge transaction flows from their customers. It is important to decrease the complexity of maintaining internal accounting and improve its accuracy. And for clients as for investors the most important thing is to understand how much they have earned.

At the same time, for funds need this kind of service in any case but in-house solution is costly and requires labor and temporary resources.  





Ecosystem FinTab




FinTab is a SaaS product with paid services. The cost for the service for the "Pro" and "Manage" accounts will be fixed in USD, but payment is accepted in FinTab tokens (FNT).

P2P interaction
P2P interaction: traders could sell the information about their crypto-portfolio through our system. In addition the rating of best traders will be compiled.

Advertising platform
Advertising platform: placement and display of advertising will be held decentralized: each user can enable or disable ads. For the ads view the user obtains tokens from the advertisers.

System of signals
Analytical system and recommendations for trade using Artificial Intelligence.


System development

Depending on the collected funds FinTab will implement the following features:





Issue and Sales of the FNT Tokens

We have estimated the number of our potential users by the third quarter of 2018. Based on this we have calculated how many tokens we can issue. The calculation formula can be found in WhitePaper.
A total of 16.5 million FinTab tokens (FNT) will be issued:
— 14 million FNT will be sold out in total during all the ICO stages for system development.
— 1.5 million FNT reserved for the team and partners.
— 1 million FNT reserved as a reward for helping the project (bounty).




The reasons for FinTab tokens growth

Return on investment is based on a constant increase of FNT token rate:
— The demand for the service grows due to the constant promotion and development of the functionality.
— The burning of token ensures the deficit and the increase of token cost.
— Advertising functionality increases the demand and turnover of tokens.

Accordingly, the predicted starting point for the growth of the token rate will be the introduction of paid accounts in the system and the start of the tokens' burning.



Burning of tokens






In FinTab system the burning of tokens that have entered
the system as a service payment will be implemented:
— When paying for the service 10% of FNT tokens
pass to FinTab team.
— The remaining 90% of the tokens are burned.
When using FinTab as an advertising and P2P platform,
tokens are not burned (since 90% of the tokens are given
to users and the remaining 10% to FinTab team). 






Meet the Team


Mikhail Fadeev, CEO.
Since 2010, Mikhail is engaged in web-development. He has created and launched a number of projects, including the Merit onine agency, an agency for the implementation of CRM-systems and a web studio. He is engaged in trading and has funds under management. "For me, blockchain is a philosophy that is already changing the world"



Grigory Maltsev, COO.
The co-founder of the Merit onine agency, the head of the web studio development department in 2016, the project manager in a design studio (Yandex projects) in 2015, the Internet marketer since 2012. Grigory created a financial accounting system for an Internet agency, participated in the development of the Basecamp application.



Nikolay Ozhogov, CTO.
Full-stack programmer. Since 2012, Nikolay has worked at websites and Internet services developement, including the Telegram widget tgwidget.com. In 2014, he created a crypto-currency mining farm and organized a mining-pool. Since 2017 he is developing Android applications.

Dmitry Motorin, the head of the mobile development team.
He has been working in information technology since 2002 and in mobile development since 2012. Dmitry has to his credit more than a hundred released mobile applications for Android and iOS, being repeatedly selected as the recommended apps and obtaining the best positions in the stores in the most competitive subjects. Also he’s a crypto enthusiast since 2014, having several own cryptocurrency mining farms.


Vadim Kirei, mobile app developer. Programmer.
He has created one of the leading applications for forex traders. Vadim is engaged in Android and iOS applications development for blockchain startups. He has more than 10 released projects, 3 of which are associated with blockchain. An average score for his applications in stores is 4.6.


Stas Bondarenko, lead designer.
Stanislav goes in for UI product design. He has experience in developing CRM systems, interfaces and materials from the gaming industry and retail. He has been working as an art director for more than 5 years and more than 8 years as a lead designer of the product. He has become a fan of technology blockbuster during an internship at SalesForce in San Francisco.


Ivan Teslenko, Russian-English interpreter.
10 years of experience in the field of translations. Previously was engaged in website localization and translation of news, videos and webinars. Active crypto enthusiast.


Hokumdar Gasanov, video editing and promotion.
He has been working with several small and large companies, such as MEDIAMETRIKS, OSMAN GROUP, has promoted DAN and travel agency SHAN TOURS.


Ilya Konovalov, media manager.
Since 2017 he worked as an Internet marketer in the Internet agency Merit: he was engaged in advertising and promotion of sites and Internet resources.


Anton Andreev, traffic manager.
Specialist in marketing, advertising and PR. In 2017, he was engaged in traffic arbitration in the 8bit group. Since 2013 he worked in AIESEC: organization and promotion of events.





Official translations



Edited by FinTab

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We are glad to announce that pre-ICO has been successfully completed!
We raised $ 78,363, closing the Soft Cap by 124%.


Thanks to all participants! Your support at the early stage is extremely important for us. Thanks to you we will be able to make the best service.

This week we will make an announcement of all the changes, we have worked out the ideas of new features of the system:
- P2P interactions between users: traders will be able to sell information about their crypto-portfolios through our system. In addition the rating of the best traders will be compiled.
- Advertising platform. Placement and display of advertising will be held in a decentralized form; each user can disable or enable the advertising. For the ads view the user obtains tokens from the advertisers.
- Analytical system and recommendations for trade with the use of AI.


We remind you that the main purpose of FNT tokens is to pay for the service. The service helps to keep a record of the crypto-currency, analyze the current financial state on various exchanges and purses.

Start of the main stage of ICO: December, 14
End: January, 14
Additional closed stage of sales (pre-sale): December, 10-13
We will make an announcement of the bounty-program in the near future.

We had to postpone the ICO date for 2 weeks: we are interested in making our ICO successful. We want to carefully prepare and make ICO as attractive for investors as possible. We will make the best service for the financial accounting of the crypto-currency.


We are already negotiating with the exchanges for tokens to enter the market after ICO
Participate in beta-testing of the service; your feedback is very important for us https://beta.fintab.io/
If any questions ask Grigory on Telegram: @grigory_gm (https://t.me/grigory_gm)


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A few days ago we have come back from the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which was held on November 30 in Limassol (Cyprus).

Our COO Grigory Maltsev recorded a short video report from the conference for you


Also on November 30, we delivered an informational report and pitch our product to the investors on the Internet EXPO 2017 in Yekaterinburg (Russia). 

We were glad to know that we have support of the crypto-community and funds are interested in our service.

The Pre-Sale starts 10 December. The minimum investment amount is $8,000. 1 FNT price = $0.25.

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There are 7 days left before the ICO starts and we want FinTab service to be recognized all over the world

Therefore we will fly to the Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi, which will be held on December 7th.


Also we have an appointment on the in Cryptospace Moscow (Russia) which will be held on December 8th.


We remind you that the Pre-Sale starts 10 December. The minimum investment amount is $8,000. 1 FNT price = $0.25.  Apply to Pre-Sale on our Website.

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FinTab ICO has started!!!

Hurry up to become one of the first investors of FinTab ICO and get the fattest bonus!
You have chance to get + 30% bonus tokens in the first 48 hours of sales!

Check out our step-by-step contribution guide to be well prepared

Link to registration: https://ico.fintab.io/Account/Register?lang=en


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Found an interesting project the other day. It`s called MiningNow. Judging by the reviews on the Internet and talks to those who are already in the business, it`s definitely worth paying attention. Turns out RUSAL works w/ `em, and small players can invest w/out any problems. https://miningnow.online/en/

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