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  1. Found an interesting project the other day. It`s called MiningNow. Judging by the reviews on the Internet and talks to those who are already in the business, it`s definitely worth paying attention. Turns out RUSAL works w/ `em, and small players can invest w/out any problems. https://miningnow.online/en/
  2. If an investor`s interested in securing himself and his investments, he will find a worthy project even without any campaigns. Personally I`ve already read about the cooperation of RUSAL and MNW on the project blog
  3. Think when cryptocurrency was created, even Satoshi Nakamato himself, whoever he was, didn`t expect that there`d be such a demand for it. Let's be realistic, everything that happens in the cryptocurrency market is related solely to the demand for it, but not to its value. Sooner or later this growth will stop, and then it`s not known what`ll happen. If there`s a global collapse of the cryptocurrency market, the total losses of all currency holders may amount to billions of dollars. It seems to me that the founders of the Mining Now project are also thinking about this, they offer unique terms for their cryptocurrency`s buyers, namely: even with a global collapse of the cryptocurrency, you can get your tokens back at the same rate which you bought them at, with a binding to euro. Of course, if the collapse occurs, it won`t happen in the nearest future. So I advise everyone to invest in cryptocurrency, because today it`s the most profitable type of investment. E.g., buying MNW tokens at currency growth and monthly payments (this is also a rare offer), you can get up to 245% per annum. No business will bring such a profit, plus when running a business there`re risks to go bankrupt, because there`re no guarantees like these ones.
  4. A few days ago I read the news that the Russian consul in Switzerland, Karl Eckstein believes that in Crimea it would be possible to create an internal blockchain platform for anonymous foreign investments that could actually benefit the development of the peninsula. Thus, it would be possible to bring large investments to the peninsula, bypassing the EU and US sanctions against Russia. By the way, there is already one big developing project in the CIS - Mining Now. However, the project, on the contrary, is in favor of transparent transactions between people related to cryptocurrency and of the legalization of mining by citizens, as they write on their blog (http://miningnow.online/en/blog). I liked the open policy of the company and I support the idea of a founder of the project Alexei Zenkov to create national currencies in developed and developing countries and to use blockchain technologies in the government of the state economy, and in carrying out of public elections and counting votes.
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