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[KDC] Klondike Coin | Scrypt

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Klondike Coin - Join The Gold Rush!!


Rumours are circulating of a valuable new resource in the Klondike region of Canada, people are heading there right now to strike it rich and get their hands on some! Rumours are it is some fabled crypto, thousands of prospectors are on their way hoping to change their lives.

Klondike coin is inspired by the great Klondike Gold Rush that started over 100 years ago and ran for around 3 years. This coin will be mineable for around 3 years also, block rewards halving roughly every 3 months. The coin is relatively rare with just a little under 20 million in total. There was no pre announcement or premine as that wouldn’t have been a gold rush!

UPDATE: We have been listed on coinmarket! https://www.coinmarket.io/market/KDCBTC
UPDATE: We have been listed on Openex! https://openex.pw/index.php?page=trade&market=96

Coin Specifications

1 block per minute.
77 coins per block.
1440 Blocks Per Day.
Subsidy halves in 129k blocks.
19948654 total coins.
Difficulty retarget every 24 hours

Klondike Coin Wallets

Example klondikecoin.conf



Dice Game http://klondice.net

Chain game http://goldrush.l8.lv/

KDC Development Road Map

As per our original plan we kept our plans for KDC quiet for the first week. Now we are in week 2  we can release our KDC Road Map for Phase 1 for all to see:

Phase 1 - January and February 2014


09/01/2014 KDC Launch

10/01/2014 Launch of KDC subreddit (http://reddit.com/r/klondikecoin/)

11/01/2014 Launch of klondikecoin.com (http://www.klondikecoin.com)

12/01/2014 Launch Block Explorer (http://explorer.klondikecoin.com)

13/01/2014 KDC Faucet released (http://faucet.klondikecoin.com)

14/01/2014 Reddit TipBot Launched

15/01/2014 Twitter & Facebook Accounts

16/01/2014 Dice Game Launched  (http://www.klondice.net)

17/01/2014 An additional 5 nodes to ensure speed of network stays stable.

20/01/2014 Roulette game released by JohhnyBravo (http://saloon.l8.lv)

21/01/2014 ABE Block Explorer - Block explorer up, will be skinned shortly (http://explorer.klondikecoin.com)

21/01/2014 Logo redesigned!


Klondike Coin Promotional Video - Currently in development and should be released within the next week

Facebook Wallet & Tipper - Currently in Development and will be launched by February. This app will give you the ability to Send and Receive coins with facebook friends. Invite Facebook friends to join the Klondike Coin App with information on where to trade / mine etc. There will be more features added to this as the months go on, but any features you would like to see added please add a post to this thread.

Twitter Tipper - Currently in Development and like the Facebook app will be released by the end of January. The twitter tipper will give you the ability to send and receive KDC via tweets on twitter.

Klonpay - This will give merchants and users the ability to accept and use KDC on their online services. Think Bitpay / Paypal thats what were aiming for. Development on this will not start until the 2nd week of February.

KDC Lottery - As the name describes this will allow users to buy KDC lottery tickets for KDC - Winner takes all. Released January 31st 2014

KDC Poker - Play Poker with KDC - Released February 27th 2014

KDC Android Wallet -  Currently being developed. Launches 24th January 2014

KDC Metro Wallet -  Currently being developed. Launches 28th January 2014

KDC Windows Phone Wallet - Currently being developed. Launches 28th January 2014

KDC Merchandise Store - Buy Klondike Coin Merchandise with KDC. Launches February 2014

Please do leave feedback on anything you want to see! If you think phase 1 looks good, wait until you see phase 2.

Important Links:

Exchanges - (Where do I buy Klondike Coin?)

https://www.coinmarket.io/market/KDCBTC [Most trading is currently here]



You can buy KDC at http://cryptokopen.eu/KDC for Euro’s using Skrill. (Please note, this site has no affiliation with KDC and we will be unable to help you if anything goes wrong.)

BitCoinTalk Trading Thread:[/b] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=409234.msg4437231#msg4437231

Pools - (Where can i mine Klondike Coin?)

To spread the hashing power please don't choose the pool with the highest hash/s, a mid-low range hashing pool will pay out just as well.

Normal Pools




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Очередной.... после слов Please vote for us on cryptsy if you'd like to see the coin added to their exchange!

можно обходить стороной

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Всего 19,948,654 монет.


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Не могу зайти в пул http://kdc.coinarmy.com под своей учеткой, ни с помощью логина, ни с помощью имейла. Пробую сброс пароля, на меил ни чего не приходит, хотя пишет проверить почтовый аккаунт. Кто знает что делать, подскажите пожалуйста.

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за 3 месяца не сдох, значит шансы есть... (сдохнуть позже :D )

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Мне понравилось что команда активно интегрирует монету в сервисы. Прицел -дальний. 

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