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Decred Evolution - Service for easy Proof-of-Stake mining

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Decred Evolution - Service for easy Proof-of-Stake mining




The main goal of this project is to provide users easy access to Proof-of-Stake mining in Decred, which won't require any technical skills and won't be time-consuming.

As for today, PoS in Decred gives impressive profit up to +5% per month (in DCR). However, due to nature of Proof-of-Stake in Decred, it is quite complex for new investors to enter this market. As the result, only 34% of coins (1,300,000 DCR) are participating in Proof-of-Stake, while the other 2,700,000 DCR are just losing their value in wallets.

In the Dcrstats Evolution service any user and investor can start Decred Proof-of-Stake mining with a very little effort. We have for you secure, simple and comfortable solution for PoS:

  • Mobile application, which you can use to manage your funds and adjust PoS-strategy just in few clicks;
  • Cross-platform GUI wallet (coming soon)
  • Dcrstats Exchange where you can exchange your DCR or EFT tokens 24/7


If you are new to Proof-of-Stake in Decred, the only thing you need to do is just to deposit some amount of DCR and we will start buying and re-buying tickets for you.

Of course, there are many profs also for existing stake-miners: you don't need to spend time for trying to get the best price and rebuy tickets every few days. We will do our best to increase your monthly profit in the auto-mode.

Project's websiteevolution.dcrstats.com
Decred Network Statisticdcrstats.com
Proof-of-Stake Poolstakepool.dcrstats.com
Decred official forum: forum.decred.org
Decred official website: decred.org
Decred official documentation: docs.decred.org


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Коллеги, кто-нибудь попробовал POS через данный сервис? 

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