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Going Beyond the Cloud: The Next-Generation Decentralized Storage


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SWAZM — Going Beyond the Cloud

Imagine an infrastructure capable of supporting millions of users at a very high network speed. A decentralized architecture to enable horizontal scaling of DApps into mainstream usage. Issues like storage space, processing speed, quality data traffic can no longer be a problem, as SWAZM makes the development of your project possible, without worrying about backend or frontend details, letting you focus only on the features and advantages your future decentralized project can have on business objectives and clients. SWAZM is offering a turnkey storage space to expand any scalable and extended database-type project for your company.

The future of business is on the blockchain. Here’s what SWAZM can do for you in terms of storage, project scalability and process improvements. The storage capacity is built on unutilized compute capacities from computers that make-up your network, making use of available space that can be used to benefit your project build and maintained.

Read more: https://medium.com/swazm/going-beyond-the-cloud-the-next-generation-decentralized-storage-38d982d52cd6


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