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[MARU] MaruCoin | X13

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KGW + DGWThis coin combines Kimoto's Gravity Well and Darkcoins Gravity Wave, based on latest Darkcoin Release as we think thisis the most efficient way at the moment as there are no GPU or ASIC miners for X13, we can adapt to any other Diffalgolater on. DGW starts from Block 140.

Automatic CheckpointingProtects against 51% attacks, broadcasts the checkpoints around the notes, its a "self healing" network - not dev intervention is needed.

Time Warp ResistantWe've already included the Time Warp Limitiation.  Blocks submitted more than 15 minutes outside of the blockchain's time will be rejected and other nodes cannot affect blockchain time by more than 14 minutes.

DNS Seed NodesWe have multiple DNS Seed Nodes running - your wallets should always sync up without the need for adding nodes by hand.

Auto Donating to Wildlife FundsMine this coin and donate to wildlife automatically - 2.5% of every Blocks goes to a community decided wildlife fund which will bevoteable at MaruCoin's Homepage - similar to Einsteinium.

Promo Mugs / USB Sticks / Keylaces / StickersWill be given out at random times for minimal fees to MuraCoin supporters.



Based on Darkcoins payout scheme, early adopters/miners of this coin profit most:

  180 seconds Blocktime   Block reward is controlled by: 444444444/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2) starting from block 2000, we expect CPU's before Block 2000, so reward is higher. Start mining as fast as you can ! Smiley   CPU only mining at launch and probably for the first few days !   Est Max. 33M coins




Windows Wallet 1.2:https://mega.co.nz/#!g4x2RZbL!MC8VWCHlofMYPvjkrSZlgP30SPN9cixW2k-iwSlMdtM

Mac OSX Wallet 1.1 (by shai_ thx !):https://www.dropbox.com/s/qm94tydlzowlos5/Marucoin-osx10.7.zip

Thanks !


Python-Hash Module (for P2pool)https://github.com/MaruCoinOfficial/x13-hash





Stratum Code for Pools (Thanks ocminer !!)https://github.com/ocminer/stratum-mining-marucoin

Pools:http://maru.altmine.net (p2pool)https://maru.suprnova.cc 0% feehttp://maru.hashhot.com/

Exchanges:Europex: https://www.europex.eu/#coin/btc/maruAtomic-Trade: https://www.atomic-trade.com/BitTrex: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-MARUCryptoFunds: https://cryptofunds.pw

Block Explorer:http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/MaruCoin

CPU Miners:https://bitbucket.org/dstorm/cpuminer-x13 (linux, sourcecode)https://mega.co.nz/#!JJsyRIAQ!JEB5SpBwMnX4wNS8r7wrJyjBb9fpci9NIV9P6xZEXSI (Win64 CPUminer ( compiled with CYGWIN thanks to primera !))https://mega.co.nz/#!48wSxLCB!FgAmJ-i6ORrs2IgcIMQ_ZMHCSBXJs__uX4G0gC2zfgk (Win32 CPU Miner, thanks to the author!)

GPU Miners:https://github.com/prettyhatemachine/sph-sgminer  (linux source, windows binaries will be compiled soon)http://www.multiupload.nl/H5I8PNVE0I (win64 binary)

Solo Mining:

Download the wallet for your platform, enter the debug console and enter "setgenerate true 16" where the number corespondents to the number of your CPU cores * 4. So for a Quad Core use "16", for a Dual Core use "8" etc. Your fans should spin up and you'll see some new coins within a few minutes. Do a "getmininginfo" in the console and you'll see "setgenerate: true" and below your "hashespersec" - thats your mining speed.


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sgminer --kernel marucoin -o stratum+tcp://maru.suprnova.cc:3131 -u < my_user > -p x -g 4 -w 128 --thread-concurrency 4095 -I 13 --lookup-gap 2

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