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◢◤ SNX
SNX uses Proof of Work ( just 1 month ) and  Proof of Stake technology to confirm transactions and keep the blockchain moving. This dramatically minimizes the impact on the environment, and allows anyone to participate, without the need for expensive mining gear.

SwiftX is a service that allows for near-instant transactions. Through this system, inputs can be locked to only specific transactions and verified by consensus of the Masternode network. Conflicting transactions and blocks are rejected. If a consensus cannot be reached, validation of the transaction occurs through standard block confirmation. SwiftX solves the double-spending problem without the need for longer confirmation times of other cryptocurriencies such as Bitcoin.

SeeSaw Reward Mechanism
The SeeSaw mechanism assures a healthy balance of stakers and Masternodes on the network by incentivising one or the other more based on the current network need. If there are not enough stakers a higher percentage of the block reward will be given to them than Masternodes, and vice versa until the appropriate balance is once again achieved.

Proof of Stake
SNX uses Proof of Stake technology to confirm transactions and keep the blockchain moving. This dramatically minimizes the impact on the environment, and allows anyone to participate, without the need for expensive mining gear.

Masternode Network
Masternodes are full nodes, just like in the Bitcoin network, except that they provide a level of service to the network and required collateral to participate. Collateral is never forfeit and is safe while the Masternode is operating. This allows investors to provide a service to the network, earn interest on their investment and reduce the volatility of the currency. In order to run a masternode, you're required to have 10 000 SNX and a static IP address.

Due to the nature of the Masternode rewards, the amount that you are going to receive is dependent on the total count of active Masternodes.


Ticker Symbol    SNX
Algorithm    Quark
Type    Proof of Work 30 Days Then Proof of Stake
Block Time    300 Seconds (5 mins)
Difficulty Retargeting    Every Block
Max Coin Supply (PoS)    50,000,000
Premine/Initial Supply    4.2% SNX*
SNX Created Per block    10 SNX incrementing 2 SNX each Week for 6 Months.
Reward Method    SeeSaw Reward System


PoS/PoW Block Details

Proof Of Work Phase    1-8065 Blocks  (1 Month)
Proof of Stake Phase    8066-infinite


Staking Methods

Masternodes    Yes – 10,000 SNX Required
Wallet Staking    Yes – 1 to infinite SNX

SNX Reward system is designed to increase the block rewards EVERY WEEK instead of decreasing. Starting with 10 SNX in the first Week, ending with 60 SNX per block  6 months later.


February-March 2018 Road Map



In order to have a Successfull coin, SNX will start an ICO (initial coin offering) campaign. With the ICO campaign we will raise enough funds to get listed in a high volume exchange. Also other Services will be contracted.

Please contact any of our Developers in the discord channel or use the Chat in our Website to participate in the ICO.

SNX initial price: 0.30usd per coin. 



Website: http://www.snxproject.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/snxxproject

Discord: https://discord.gg/DfZkpmX

Github: https://github.com/ipedrero/snx

Faucet: http://snxfaucet.unyun.cn/


Exchanges will be announced after ICO Phase ends


https://snx.overemo.com/  (Working fine  Feb-17-2018)

http://snx.expool.xyz/  (Working fine Feb-17-2018)

http://snx.unyun.cn/ (Working fine Feb-17-2018)


SNX Coin (SNX) is available at tiny-pool.com

-a quark -o stratum+tcp://tiny-pool.com:4033 -u YOUR_WALLEt -p c=SNX

Lowest fees : 0.5%
Low latency
Multi core, multi threads for higher performance
No Registration required.
1 Hour payouts
Enjoy random No Fee mining only at [utl=https://tiny-pool.com]tiny-pool.com[/url]
Block Explorer: https://tiny-pool.com/explorer/SNX
Discord Support: https://discord.gg/59rKPSy

Bounty: 2KDZaVLXfaJRDR7cAv4JZpgetNHcDFkNJGk

HashPool.EU: http://hashpool.eu


Pool fee: 1 %
Payout : 1 h

-a quark -o stratum+tcp://pool.friends-master.net:4033 -u YOU_SNXCoin_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=SNX

New pool added

Pool fee is %0 for the next 15 days!


ccminer -a quark -o stratum+tcp://easyminingpool.co.in:4033 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=SNX


Open Bountys

Block Explorer 1500 SNX   ( available: 4   claimed: 4 )

Pools 1500 SNX  (Available: 4   claimed: 4 )

Mpos Pools 1500 SNX  (Available: 1   claimed: 1 )

Faucet 800 SNX  (available: 1   Claimed: 1 )

Rules- translations must be an exact copy of this post and google translator is not accepted.

Chinese: 500 SNX
Spanish: 500 SNX
Portuguese: 500 SNX
Russian: 500 SNX  (Claimed)
Japanese: 500 SNX
Italian: 500 SNX  ()
turkish: 500 SNX
German: 500 SNX
Swedish: 500 SNX
Polish: 500 SNX
Croatian: 500 SNX

Other language please send pm to snoxdj.


Post announcement in Cryptocointalk: 200 SNX  
Post in other altcoin forums: 200 SNX 
Post in Japanese forums: 200 SNX 
Post in Chinese Forums: 200 SNX 


Exchanges will be announced after ICO Phase ends

Airdrop Terms and Conditions

The Airdrop will run from the 5.02.2018 to the 05.02.2019

The payments are usually sent out every Monday. If I'm unavailable for whatever reason, the payments will be sent out as soon as possible.
The maximum number of users is 500 Users. We will pay out a maximum of 2000 SNX per week (104 000 SNX  all airdrop). The paid out amount will be proportionally distributed among all users . It is also possible that there will be additional payouts during public holidays.
You need to be a Jr Member or above on Bitcointalk. Alt accounts are not allowed and will result in a permanent ban from the airdrop.
If you are inactive on Bitcointalk for 2 months (no posts), you will be removed from the airdrop. In this case, you will have to re-apply and you will be added back into the list.
Also You need to be an ACTIVE MEMBER in out DISCORD channel in order to receive payments.
How to register?
Join Discord Chat Group  (with the same bitcointalk username).
Send a PM to Parn on Discord chat.
Send him a PM with this format, he will review your account.

PM/Post Format:
Username Bitcointalk:
Username Discord:
Bitcointalk profillink: Example https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1337
SNX Address: We recommend not to use Exchanges or mobile Apps!



no registration, 10 minutes payout from minimum 0.1, 1% fee

low diff

ccminer -a quark -o stratum+tcp://asia1.nextpool.work:3008 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x --no-extranonce

middle diff

ccminer -a quark -o stratum+tcp://asia1.nextpool.work:4008 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x --no-extranonce

high diff

ccminer -a quark -o stratum+tcp://asia1.nextpool.work:5008 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x --no-extranonce

might adjust diff later.

[table][tr][td]LrbbMa9.png[/td][td][iurl=]CXDPixX.png[/iurl][/td][td]      [/td][td][iurl=]ccV3uaB.png[/iurl][/td][td]      [/td][td][iurl=#]WycnKAu.png[/iurl][/td][td]      [/td][td]J01cTQn.png[/td][td]      [/td][td]gDbxWf5.png[/td][/tr][/table]

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