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[EUC] Europacoin | Scrypt

Артур Чудинов

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We are happy to announce to public our newly developed coin. Launch date is set to go live on March 16/2014 23:59:59 EST. With the date wallets will be available for download at that time and date.
Europacoin (Europa) is developed on the Scrypt based algorithm as most of the coins out there, but with the the Unique that we choose has gave excitements and investors opportunities. Europa is the the only coin that is given and great opportunities for users that are looking to mine with their cheap hardware such as CPU/GPU.
Team worked days on this code to modify develop, worked hard to bring this coin to life.

Europacoin network is designed for redundancy and highly secure from network Engineers and Security advisers. 

Nodes will be updated to the website that will be available on start date.

Agorithm-Scrypt POW
Coin name: Europa
RPC Port = 38993
P2P Port = 38994
Total Chain 1.6 B
500 Coins per block 
8 Hour Retarget
Blocks found per day = 8192 * Dependant on hashrate
Diff retargeting = blocktime/hashrate. x amount of blocks 
Starting difficulty 0.000244137
Block confirmation 120

Block Explorer Available soon.
Will be available for trading soon.
Mining wallets with CPU-Dual Core 100k -300 Europas per day.
Mining Pools Available thanks to our friends:

We appreciate for all your input and interest in Europacoin, I would encourage to check our website for correct count time launching. The time is universal but is set for 23:59:59 EST midnight. 
There has been so much interest on this coin from getting so many emails, I apologies if Im not able to respond emails quickly due to time-limitation of the forum, please use our direct email for faster response, your attention has encourage me to work harder, i'm very happy that I am able to bring something that people have interest on it. Everyone thanks for checking Europacoin.org.

Thank you for looking, and feel free to ask any questions at europacoin @ europacoin.org

Hello we are 5 hours away approximately for launching Europacoin. We are excited to see the progress of it! please check the www.Europacoin.org

Thank you for your positive input!

Web available www.Europacoin.org    smiley.gif



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на крипто раше нет этой монеты, по ссылке EuroCoin (EUC). Не вводите людей в заблуждение

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на крипто раше нет этой монеты, по ссылке EuroCoin (EUC). Не вводите людей в заблуждение

на крипто раше есть  EuroCoin (EUC) , но это не EUROPACOIN  , а именно EuroCoin , а это совсем другая монета - EuroCoin

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