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Need some advice

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IT specialists in my office, who I started asking about the ways of earning money on cryptocurrency, advised me a developing Bulgarian project MiningNow http://miningnow.online. I didn`t really trust it and now I want to ask you for some advice.


I`m just not really good at mining. Have read the terms, they promise 245% per annum and constantly growing income due to the fact that part of the profit goes to increase the capacities. How will it be profitable for me?

Yes, they have a growing price for tokens, you can make good money on it, but there`re projects whose profits are 1000% per year. And there`re so many of them, plus they have long existed, which means they`re reliable. Some of them even have the counters on their sites showing a big amount of people take part in them.


So why was I advised MiningNow? Maybe they`re simply not really into it and I shouldn`t have listened to them?

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U`re so naïve to believe the Internet ads) there`s no 1000% per annum. 245% is very good. What kind of business do u know w/ such a payback?))) And the old one doesn`t mean reliable. There`re projects that fool people for years. And bout MiningNow, read the news that they gonna use a large industrial company`s capacities. http://coinwisdom.org/34600-russian-aluminum-producer-announces-the-launch-of-a-mining-enterprise/

Think that large industrial companies wouldn`t cooperate w/ unreliable organizations.

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