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What`s the most profitable way to keep money?

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I`ve been doing investments for many years, that's why my friends and acquaintances often ask lots of questions. The other day my friend asked me a simple but at the same time interesting question: "Which currency is the most profitable to keep money in?"


With the blockchain development, the most profitable currency for keeping your money was cryptocurrency. I didn`t say anything new, but if we talk about what currency to keep funds in, opinions will vary.

Of course, the majority will say that the most profitable cryptocurrency for keeping money is bitcoin. And what if I say that there`s a currency that`s much more profitable to invest in now than in bitcoin?


A Bulgarian company Mining Now http://miningnow.online/ offers unique terms for investors. At the moment the project is at the stage of PRE-ICO. When it`s over, you`ll receive your tokens with a binding to the euro rate. What`s the advantage, you ask? There`re actually two:


Among other things, you`ll receive monthly payments from your constantly rising cryptocurrency. The rate starts with 3%, but, for example, in Jan holders will receive 5%.


When the PRE-ICO stage is over, you`ll be able to get tokens bound to the euro exchange rate. This is very profitable cause, e.g., bitcoin is constantly growing towards euro. A huge advantage`s that if bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency that you entered the project with) collapses, you`ll receive tokens according to the rate that you bought them at. This is the most profitable offer on the market at the moment.


Told this to my friend, who listened to me, as he`s invested his single bitcoin in Mining Now. So I decided to share with you.

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