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[ANN][pre-ICO] Gem4me Monetary Messenger: the “blue chip” comes into the market

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Gem4me is a secure premium-class messenger that integrates the latest technologies: fintech, bots, «conversational commerce», Marketplace, MakeMoneyBot and advertisements. The messenger is created on crowd investment basis.


The first monetary messenger:

Now Gem4me is on the final development stage: the product is completed more than 90% and working.
 It is very close to launching of 2 new highly-profitable services:
 1) International cashback service;
 2) Digital bank for fiat/crypto currency exchange.
 The capitalization is not later than 1–1.5 year, expected value of the app is $12 billion.
 Take a look at the facts and decide for yourself: do you need this?

  • Transparent legal structure (the legal support of the deal is provided by one of the best law firms in Europe);
  • Finished product stage (the messenger is ready and available for download via Play Market and App Store);
  • Experience, competence and professional history of developers (Synesis: Viber, Playtica);
  • Successful experience of previous sales (the developers’ products: Viber sold for $900 million in 2014, Playtika sold for $4.4 billion in 2016);
  • Close cooperation with Google to promote the messenger;
  • There are already interested investment funds that are waiting for the completion of the messenger development;
  • 3.5 million of the messenger’s users worldwide;
  • Evaluations of the application are done regularly by independent audit companies, including companies of the BIG-4;
  • The current value assessment is $86,7 million;
  • Prospect of the price growth: the estimated value of the Chinese analogue (WeChat) — $87 billion;
  • For each share purchased, investors will receive min. $3000 after the application is sold.

 So, I’m sure, there is no question: “Will there be success or not?” The only question is “How soon?”

 ICO will starts on Desember 15, 2017. This is the new “blue chip” that comes into the market.

Presentation from the Board of Directors of Gem4me Investments Plc.

 Know more:
 Gem4me project’s site: https://gem4me.team/en
 Gem4me Investments Plc.: https://gem4meinvestments.eu/en
 Pre-sale already started. Tokens will give regular lifetime passive income to the holders from the messenger’s financial services.
 10% discount and up to 10% more bonus tokens until November 13.

To purchase shares and get bonus tokens contact me via Facebook or email [email protected]

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Dear forum members!

This ICO is the first of its kind. Now, at the pre-emission stage, shareholders receive tokens as a gift.

In in the coming days the official ICO website of Gem4me project will be launched, Whitepaper is published and the Bounty program is announced. As soon as it will be officially announced - I guarantee you will be among the first to learn about it!

Click here to create account to purchase the shares and get bonus tokens

Contact me via Facebook for details and help.

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