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[ANN][PRE-ICO] A working start-up with VR product is unparalleled in the world

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PRE-ICO A working start-up with VR product is unparalleled in the world.


Raccoon.World - production of the world's first gadgets for hands to interact with digital reality.

White paper


   Vernadsky challenge 2017 - Raccoon.world won the audience award with a prize fund of 200 000 UAH.

   CES (Las Vegas) - Raccoon.world won UVCA Startup Challenge competition: CES Edition, UVCA organized jointly with the fund Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), and participated in the CES electronics show in Las Vegas 

Problems in the sphere of VR / AR.
   At the moment, the controllers for VR / AR have a number of significant drawbacks. They are inconvenient to use, occupy hands, require special conditions - additional cables, cameras, lighting.
   During the research, we identified a number of problems that the device solves. You need to use both hands and do a huge number of movements and actions to manage traditional controllers. In addition, lengthy games are debilitating and cause pain in the hands and tunnel syndrome.

Solving the problem with Raccoon.Clip

   It easily mounts on the hand without having to hold it, works wirelessly in any lighting conditions, and also transfers hand movements much more accurately than existing controllers.
In addition, the use of a universal clip will help raise the level of interaction of any helmet with virtual reality to the level of DayDream (VR-helmet with a controller from Google). Developers will be easier to push to create content for just a few solutions, and the new Google project will help promote the industry as a whole.
   Continuous use of Raccoon.Clip does not tire, since the position of the hand can be absolutely anything - stretched out in the air, bent in front of the breast, lying on the knee or on the table, etc. Depending on the type of game, you can choose the most suitable position of the hand, in the process of changing it to avoid leakage or fatigue.
   The best games and programs will be fighting games, shooters and applications with elements to take and drag, as this can be performed intuitively.
   The clip transmits orientation in space, and also there are buttons for performing various tasks.

Benefits: https://forum.bits.media/uploads/downloaded/1_3d43564ef69ce9cc52c7ed7772832c19.jpg
- can be used with any software where you can use the mouse / keyboard / joystick without additional integration or modification on the side of the vendors
- Raises the level of interaction of any helmet for mobile VR to the level of professional helmet
- easily fits in the palm, do not hold down movements
- freedom of hands

Racсoon.Glove product photo https://forum.bits.media/uploads/downloaded/perchatka_023c7898326ac304fc61b2e54aec72bb.jpg

•   What is it A glove that provides full interaction with virtual or remote objects.
•   Where to use VR/AR, games industry, sex industry, reabilitology, medicine, remote operation, Internet sales via VR, design (3D, VR).
•   How it works Raccoon.Glove transfers the hand position and all its movements, including fine motor skills, into virtual world or reproduces to a remote robotic hand. The user can feel the form, tension, elasticity, asperity of the virtual or remote object etc.

Racсoon.Clip product photo https://forum.bits.media/uploads/downloaded/6_2b5cac5ca3d5356aae0a50ab921e4221.jpeg
•   What is it A compact controller for operating objects in virtual world.
•   Where to use Games (fightings, shooters, arcades, drag&drop games) and software (3D and VR design), mobile VR/AR.
•   How it works spatial orientation + 3 buttons can fully substitute a regular controller for new experience and more precise moving, aiming, interacting with objects, etc.

Video about the product:


e-mail [email protected]

website raccoon.world

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