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ButterFly Labs Mining Cards and Bitsafe Hardware Wallet - CES 2014

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Сегодня пришло мне письмо от BFL, т.к. я оказываюсь ещё являюсь её подписчиком на новости(!), но в своё время они меня пробросили с майнером :D , содержание такое - извините не силён в английском;

ButterFly Labs Mining Cards and Bitsafe Hardware Wallet - CES 2014

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wafer_photo.1fe9f90.jpgBFL 28nm wafer coming out of fab The Monarch roll out rolls forward

The silicon wafers are at the packaging plant as of the 13th of January. Our packaging plant is a multi-purpose plant and will be slicing the wafers into chips as well as packaging them. Traditionally, we've had to send chips to a slicing facility, then to the packaging facility, which incurs time delays. Our packaging facility eliminates that delay. They are also the same packaging facility we have been using for our second iteration 65nm chips and it has worked out very well, so we are familiar with them and they are familiar with us and know what requirements we have for our chips. This should make for fairly smooth sailing as far as packaging goes.
Read entire production update post.

Butterfly Labs attends CES 2014 - Las Vegas

Hundreds of visitors stopped by the 'Bitcoin' booth at CES in Las Vegas last week - which Butterfly Labs shared with Bitpay and Blockchain.info. Many were new to bitcoin looking to learn more about the increasingly popular new technology. Many others came to see our multi-generation line of hardware up close and personal.

The Bitsafe hardware wallet was a big hit with those already familiar with Bitcoin, while the mining hardware inspired strong interest from newcomers who were full of questions about all aspects of the custom technology.  The greatest interest of the more technically minded visitors seemed to be in the custom hand routed chip design of our 2nd generation ASIC.

Video of BFL at CES 2014
b1.jpg Recent 28nm Product Price Reduction

A lot of people have asked about the recent price reduction on 28nm Monarch mining cards.

Pricing has always been primarily determined by the cost of developing the chips that go into our products. For our first batch, in order to get chips through the initial production faster, we ordered an expedited run of wafers at a higher cost. Therefore, the price of products delivered during our expedited batch is higher. The obvious benefit of paying more for this batch is getting your miners faster and getting them into the network at a more optimal time.

Our Batch 2 volume production (later delivery) run, costs less because these products are delivered within a normal wafer production schedule.  Newly ordered 28nm Monarch products ordered today have an expected delivery date of March.




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интересно, ну и как они будут выполнять свои поставки - если как раньше, то не интересно будет, а вообще интересная информация....

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думаю, запулят предзаказы. Србят бала а потом будут их делать. Ну и потом когда будет 20ка у всех  - повысылают

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