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 Welcome  BITCOIN Stell Limited                                                                                          17 Aug 2017
Project start


About company

The company BITCOIN Stell Limited opens wide opportunities for investing in Bitcoin for everyone. The prospective cryptocurrency already has a reputation as one of the most profitable monetary investments of this century. It is not necessary to follow the fluctuations of the exchange rate with a sinking heart and call the broker (or independently make purchases and sales) to have a regular income. It is enough to entrust your finances to us, and we will take care of your investments in the best way, providing a hourly income that you can control in any convenient place from your personal account.

Our company is a part of a big international project, which allows us to make deals on the most favourable terms. You become our partner and the same options will be available to you.


Statistics cannot lie - dry facts and reliable figures are the best way of persuasion. After all, when it comes to money, the most important question is "how much"? How much can you earn by investing your capital in a reliable and stable currency? How long will it take before you get your first profit?

Hundreds of stories about profitable investments, from which the ascent to the heights of the business world began, prove the effectiveness of investments in Bitcoins. Becoming an investor, each depositor receives a guarantee of payments and income, which is the reason for the big number of those who wish to join the community of successful traders. Choosing a convenient service plan, and controlling the movement of funds in your personal cabinet, you will always be aware of what is happening to your funds and what profits to expect in the future. Transparent company policy allows you to withdraw your money at any time without hidden commissions and payments.

Our advantages

In financial matters, it is important to choose a reliable and trusted partner who will always be on your side. That is why we offer optimal conditions for all investors who join our project. We take care of our partners from the first minutes of cooperation.

Security of the investments
All transactions are transparent, your funds do not participate in shadow deals. You can easily control the movement of capital investments from your personal cabinet or get information in the support service.
Quick earnings
Your money starts to work immediately after the investment. Therefore, we can guarantee the first profit in a day. The amount will depend on the chosen service plan and terms of the partnership.
Guaranteed payments
You can get the money you’ve earned at any time. Once the amount on your account is sufficient to withdraw, you can apply and in a few minutes get your money in your hands.
Referral system
One Level Referral system
Profit on referral program – 5 %
certif_7700706986e2a131fc7efed0e95ff550. Registered office address (10910491)

27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX

Guarantee of return on investment
Service plan “Primary”
Hourly Min 0.005-10 BTC
Withdrawal after 24 hour
minus 5% commission
How to make money on
investments in Bitcoin?

Proper investment already guarantees you profit and a constant income, which is convenient to control, withdraw or make repeated investments. Choosing one of the proposed service plans, you make a profit within the agreed terms. You can monitor the movement of funds, fluctuations in the rate or perform other operations with your finances from a convenient personal cabinet. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to navigate the situation quickly and make adjustments (if they are required). In any difficult or controversial situation, you can contact customer support by contacting any convenient way (Hot line or e-mail). Specialists working around the clock will help you to solve the problems, clarify the necessary information. Your investments will bring you profit because you invest in the rapidly developing world of the cryptocurrency, the demand for which will only grow over time. Joining our project, you get several ways to earn money. Each of them is advantageous in its own way.

Direct investments
Choose one of the service plans, make an investment and watch how the amount in your account increases gradually. Our traders sign only profitable deals, the purpose of which is a constant stable profit of partners.
Referral system
After testing the reliability and success of the system, invite new investors and receive passive income from their investments. If they register by the link provided to you, you receive a percentage of the profit of the other partner.
Prospective projects
Our traders choose only the most profitable projects for investments. This allows us to ensure stable mining of the cryptocurrency and income to our investors and partners.
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  • [email protected]                                                                                                                                             Депозит  19 AUG



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