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[Спамер-ботовод] SPW Token“SmartChain”

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Total of $3,900,000 worth of SPW to be airdropped.

Earn Airdrop Now : https://bit.ly/EarnAirdropSmartChain

The first 390,000 participants will be rewarded $10 from SoupSwap SmartChain Platform

Complete simple tasks now!

You will receive reward according to the tasks you complete.

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1. What’s SPW Token Of SoupSwap ?

- SPW token is a native token of SoupSwap protocol to incentivize them to stay with the SoupSwap. Holding the SPW token means holding a share in the governance of the protocol. All SPW token holders can decide the subsequent chains to implement SoupSwap on, how much SPW to distribute to LPs in the new chain, which new token projects SoupSwap should support.
Tokens as the Soul of Projects : Value and Growth
- A crypto project without a sound and sustainable tokenomics is, in our opinion, “soulless”, because tokens serve two crucial primary functions: value encapsulation and growth incentivization. The SoupSwap team has been designing and will always design future token economy models with these keywords top of mind.
- We will be running highly cost-effective incentive programs and initiatives to help facilitate and ensure the continuous growth of the SoupSwap platform and SoupSwap community. In the meantime, the SPW token will be the ideal vehicle for capturing and representing the value of the SoupSwap’s economy and ecosystem, and the collective value of the platform will be shared equitably and generously with our loyal supporters.
Contract Address :0x604d105f2f1f68641a000f03b5dc557bfffdb8fe
Token Name : SoupSwap
Symbol : SPW
Decimals : 18
Network : Binance Smart Chain
Platform : BEP-20
Max Supply : 98.000.000 SPW

2. Where to store SPW token?

SPW token is an Bep-20 token, therefore you can store SPW in an Smart Chain address (Metamask, TrustWallet, Wallet Connect, Binance Chain and others).
Make sure you own a private key /seeding phrase and can access the Smart Chain address. On the TrustWallet app, import your address you received SPW > switch the network to Smart Chain > you will see your SPW balance.

3. What’s the SPW distribution plan?

TEAM: 5%

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