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A SWAZM Point of View on Blockchain Usability — Three Short Examples

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Understanding the Blockchain Concept — An Easy Parallel That Helps With a Clearer View

The blockchain is an ever growing database having millions of records stored by multiple users at the same time, anyone having the ability to edit and check the information at the same time and be in the know of what the last edits were and how they influence the main “document”.

Blockchain does not automatically mean cryptocurrency or specifically Bitcoin. As a stand-alone technology, it doesn’t necessarily involve any notion of currency. At its core it is a platform ready to sustain any app project aiming to have a shared database or operations system / workflow (it’s basically a distributed database). If your operations need space for transactions and exchange of info without your company being the intermediary for all details, you could think of using a blockchain platform to develop your next project.

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/swazm/posts/1614610472008286


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