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[ANN][TRV]Travelcoin |X11|POW+POS|Travelling together|Crowdsale.io

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Travelling together!



Travelling together!
One of the fastest emerging markets are the online services that bring people together for joint travelling. Because each and everyone would like to go on a trip with a beautiful stranger lady or muscular handsome guy. And TravelCoin was created as payment for such services and website http://traveltheworld.pw/.
The former owner could not see any future prospects for development of the resource to monetize the website; so, less than a month ago we have purchased this service site and launched a transfer of customer database into a new server (the domain was bought out by us). Currently the service has totally about 380K of registered users and 87K of the active ones who are visiting weekly. Our team took up this project with eagerness, since we believe there is a lot more to add and improve, that’s what we are engaged with at present. Step 1 will include TravelCoins added as an optional payment method after the customer DB transfer is completed (later on it will become a more preferable payment method, please see below). Step 2 involves adding the following services onto the website: booking of air flights, railway tickets and hotel rooms, renting cars and various events and arrangements, etc.
As a part of our special deal for our customers, we have launched a crowd sale (we decided not to place ICO at the exchanges). Later on, the customers will have an opportunity of full payment for a PLATINUM status with 10K of coins covering a 12-months period (currently, the price of the PLATINUM status is EUR 499). Our customers have been notified by internal e-mails about this ongoing deal, and now the website is closed down for maintenance. After 01.09.2015, a fixed payment in coins will be introduced at the rate of 1 TravelCoin = EUR 1. The price of the PLATINUM status when paid with TravelCoins will be 30% lower than if paid using MASTERCARD and VISA.
The low price of coins during the crowd sale is the gist of our promotional deal, which will run until September 1st for both, new and existing customers. Those who purchased TravelCoins and made the site online payment with them will be entitled to participate in a lottery resulting in nice prize of 2 vouchers of week-long tour for two persons. This will be additionally announced in a newsletter at the website after September 1st. The total number of coins is approx. 11 mln. Five million of coins will be put up for crowd sales. Four million of coins will be distributed among all the customers of the website, with 10 coins for everyone. The remaining 1 mln of coins will be used as gifts and for the website’s stabilization fund. The POW is approx. 1 mln of coins. And considering the limited amount of the coins, many users but not all will be able to take advantage of our offer.
Crowd sale is held to draw attention to our resources and to an alternative payment in TravelCoins, as opposed to MASTERCARD or VISA. And also to a possibility of using TravelCoins in everyday life, making payments easy from any device: computer, smartphone or tablet.
The resource http://traveltheworld.pw/) has been already launched and our team is now engaged in upgrading of the website: adding TravelCoin payment function to the user profiles. We suggest that you read the sections of our website shown in the screenshots below. Launching of a fully functional website is expected within 10-15 days.
The crowd sale will start on 19 July and last for 10 days; it will be divided into 5 rounds of 2 days and 1 mln coins each. The initial price will be 5,000 Satoshi and total amount of coins, 5 mln.
Round 1: 1 mln, on 19-21 July;
Round 2: 1 mln, on 22-23 July;
Round 3: 1 mln, on 24-25 July;
Round 4: 1 mln, on 26-27 July;
Round 5: 1 mln, on 28-29 July.



Algo: X11  POW+POS 

Name: Travelcoin (TRV)
Block time: 60sec 
Last POW block 100.000
Total  coins: ~ 11.000.000
Total POW coins: ~ 500.000-1.000.000
POW reward 2-500      0 
POW reward 501-100K 10
Difficulty: 20 block
POS starts at block 1250
POS interest: 2% per year 
POS Age : min  4 hours  max 60 days
Confirmations per transaction 10 
Coins mature after 50 blocks





































We do hope that you being our customers will enjoy our service arrangement.


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а на переводчика средств немного не хватило  :( , хотя зачем - в России английский с пеленок все знают  :) .

шо там?

судя по картинкам сайт знакомств ... или еще одна соц сеть ... и им позарез понадобился еще один коин  :wacko:

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Поднял п2пул: http://crypto.office-on-the.net:17533




Конфиг для sgminer:

sgminer -k x11mod -o stratum+tcp://crypto.office-on-the.net:17533 -u YourTRVPayoutAddress -p x --expiry 1 --scan-time 1 --queue 0 --no-extranonce
Edited by ISawa

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Очередной HamsterCoin :D Не думал, что еще есть идиоты, которые продолжают клепать гуано форки.

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И шо, ми таки уже никуда не едем?

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