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[ANN] Deploy Ethereum Smart Contracts Without Coding


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we have created a great product you can use right from your browser: https://tokenmint.io


Using our dapp you can easily deploy the following contracts:

 - Fixed supply ERC20 token,

 - Mintable ERC20 token,

 - Flat rate crowdsale (ICO), 

 - Increasing price crowdsale (ICO).


All contracts are audited, and battle-tested. Source code is available after deployment (it's auto verified on etherscan.io).


It's simple to use and user friendly. Basically. in just 3 steps:

 - Install Ethereum wallet (if you don't have it already), we recommend MetaMask,

 - Fill in simple form with details for your custom token/crowdsale,

 - Hit deploy button. Once the transaction is confirmed, your contracts are ready.


Check out our Youtube channel for great instructional videos.


If you have some questions, ask them here. 



TokenMint team

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