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BitherCash Shopping Hungama Grand Launch Event 19th April, 2019

John Mirake

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1- Transparency: BitherCash is a transparent coin with its open source code available on Github, 55 million total supply, Blockchain (BitherCash Explorer) & Independent download wallets from Android & iPhone. Registered & Head office in UAE. Owners well known to public. wallets BitherCash net, www bithercash net:3001

2- Usability: Bither Group Of Companies Present 1st eCommerce platform accepting 100% BitherCash & Bitcoin (Over 800,000 Online Shops,Real Estate,Automobiles, Gold/Diamonds ,Services) www ShoppingHungama com

3- Staking Rewards Program (Upto 8% monthly Reward) www BitherCash club

4- Exchange (Price Protection Of BitherCash, Buying & Selling Of BitherCash with withdrawal through BTC) www BitherX com

5-Bither Homes (A Real Estate company of BIther Group Of Companies registered in Dubai) Multimillion Dollar Real Estate First project in Kerala, India as a backup of BitherCash & soon expanding to Pakistan & other regions. Buying, Selling Of Real Estate through Bither Homes. www BitherHomes com

6- Bither Dairy Farms (A Physical project of BIther Group Of Companies) Multimillion Dollar Dairy Farms as a backup of BitherCash started from Pakistan & soon expanding to India, Nepal & other regions.

7-  FiFAME (Film & Fashion Media Events) is another Company in entertainment sector of Bither Group Of Companies

8- Network Marketing (Potential of $20,000 daily Earning & become Shareholder of BitherCash by becoming President & Crown Ambassador Of the Company. www BitherCash com

9- Other Projects: Bither Debit Card, Bither Homes Coin/Bither Dairy Coin, Bither ATMs & Bither Forex.

10- Charity Project (Share Of Profit for Health & Education Of deserving People) www BitherVoiceFoundation com


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