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RocketBounty - strong community for your ICO

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Rocket Bounty - attracting, involving, collecting the investments

Rocket Bounty helps to attract thousands of users in Telegram. Here you will find professional tools to work with your audience and to form the community of evangelists and cryptoinvestors for your ICO project!

How it works
Block 1 «Air Drop»

Step 1
Launching the airdrop bot which involves tens of thousands of people (we guarantee the number of involved)

Step 2
Distributing referral links at the largest Telegram cryptocommunities

Step 3
The system checks each user using CAPTCHA and generates traffic on the website

Block 2 «Tokens sale»

Step 4
We set the referral program and discounts for Rocket Bounty users

Step 5
We promote tokens/coins sales among users which are already involved and invite new ones

Step 6
We record commissions and provide users with cryptocurrency and tokens as their award

Block 3 «Involvement»

Step 7
We launch involving games to promote the project’s ICO brand

Step 8
Users involved are proposed to perform tasks and receive project’s tokens as their award

Step 9
We give you tools to moderate the tasks performed and refer the agreed award

For further information please feel free to contact us, we are always interested in new projects:

[email protected]

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