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Top 10 ICO by Alexa traffic rank

#1 EXMO coin Alexa traffic Rank – 12 664 EXMO, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is launching a token sale to support the ambitious goal of adding a Margin Loan service to its platform. In order to cover traders’ demand for margin loans, as well as to enable the overall platform development, EXMO will attract additional investment capital by issuing its very own tokens called EXMO Coin (EXO). EXMO coin ICO site   #2 Market.space ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 23 523 Market.space offers an utterly secure and transparent platform for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution. No commissions, regulations or security threats. Decentralization along with engagement of professional hosting providers enables reliable and secure data storage. Market.space ICO site   #3 uKit ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 47 584 uKit AI 2.0 is a system that creates personalized landing pages for each individual visitor.
It is based on: Artificial intelligence, Deciding what kind of website a person will most likely enjoy, Generative design, Rebuilding a website on the fly, Blockchain database, Giving traffic contributors an opportunity to earn by educating the system. uKit ICO site   #4 Kryll.io ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 80 801 Kryll.io is your first intuitive platform to define powerful crypto trading strategies through a simple drag’n’drop editor. With our Wysiwyt™ (What You See Is What You Trade) flow-based technology you are now able to build from basic to advanced automated trading systems in an intuitive way, no dev skills needed anymore! Kryll.io ICO site   #5 MINER ONE ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 89 161 Next-Level Community Mining. The basis of the Miner One business model is the MIO Token, which represents membership in the Miner One Community and a share in the output of the best crowdfunded bitcoin mining centre money can buy. Miner One ICO site   #6 Omnitude ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 112 346 Omnitude ICO is a blockchain smart platform that connects blockchain technologies, eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems involved in building end-to-end supply chains. Utilising Omnitude as an integration layer between existing systems enables rapid deployment of blockchain technology without the need to replace current systems. Omnitude ICO site   #7 DecentraLend ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 133 662 DecentraLend ICO is a decentralize peer to peer lending platform where individuals determine their lending interest rate , with a new feature where users can lend both Decentralend (DLD) and Bitcoin(BTC). DecentraLend ICO site   #8 Transcodium ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 140 648 Transcodium will provide APIs, Console and GUI Applications for customers to aid in a rapid transcoding process. Before processing starts for each transcoding request, the initiator (customer) will be provided with the estimated cost for approval, once approved, the initiator’s wallet will be debited for the processing to commence. Transcodium ICO site   #9 Birdchain ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 149 662 Decentralized applications (DApps) are the next logical step in the evolution of blockchain technology. It can be compared similarly to the web protocol and applications that followed after. Now protocol allows the development of new products but doesn’t create mass adoption in itself. DApp is a different story. DApps are created for general public adoption and income generation. While protocol can generate income from the selected few – DApps are able to generate millions of users with an endless income stream. Birdchain ICO site #10 World Wi-Fi ICO Alexa traffic Rank – 150 684 The World Wi-Fi is a free decentralized wi-fi network based on private routers, most of them are residential. Every router owner may share exceed broadband capacity and allow users to connect to free internet and earn cryptocurrency. Users will watch short advertisement while connecting, and start browsing the free internet. Advertisers will pay directly to the router owners for each ad view on their network. Win-Win for everyone. World Wi-Fi is an global project built by the community. World Wi-Fi site