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About this blog

When Bitcoin emerges as an alternative to the current pyramid payment network, everyone is amazed by the industry by promising a new decentralized payout network. It's called the second internet revolution. However, Blockchain is still found. With the rise of Ethereal, we found that Blockchain is not only meant to change the current payment network but also to change our entire eco system. The same Blockchain principles can be applied to property ownership, digital identity, supply chain, insurance or clinical trials, for example. From my perspective, a new understanding of how Blockchain can be used thanks to Smart Contracts will be the starting point for creating a Digital Legal System.
Over the past few years much has changed. Today we have the tools and knowledge to do amazing things. One of the new revolutionary things is the block chain technology. Who would have thought seven years ago that would block chain technology enter our lives and make so many changes. People want to be part of this revolutionary technology, they want to invest, they want to know more about the new project launched every day. All future projects and launches have something to offer. Their goal is to provide something for the user, something never offered before, some good ideas the team has been working on for months, maybe years.
The market saw room growth since early 2017. Since January 1, 2017, the total value of all crypto currencies did not exceed $ 18 billion. Although the boom of the crypto currency means the growth of large amounts of capital, no one prepares the public for the future. In particular, no one expects such rapid growth. Think about it, 1600% in just 12 months. 2017 is the runway for bitcoins, forks and altcoyins.


Akaiito is a project created by highly competent people. People who have knowledge and with the help of their people in the team manage to make it happen. The team leaders are Sergey Brek and Katja Krolova. On teams with big block chain developers, marketing agencies, SEM experts, and more.

Our technology

  • SSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology for creating encrypted links between web servers and browsers.
  • Smart contract A smart contract is a contract that executes on its own terms under an agreement between the buyer and the seller directly written into the line of code.
  • Peer-to-peer Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a decentralized communication model in which each party has the same capabilities and one party can initiate a communication session.
  • Decentralization Decentralization is the process of distributing or disseminating functions, authority, persons or things from a central location or authority.
  • The AKAIITO Mobile platform will be available not only on your computer but also the apps on your phone, which makes the platform comfortable, flexible and easy to use.
  • Cashback The reward cashback program is an incentive program operated by a credit card company where a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the cardholder.
The online market will be the main platform for users who want to sell and buy goods using crypto currency.
• Process: The seller exposes the goods, fixes the price for the goods, the buyer finds the item and buys it for the crypto currency (AIC).
• Taxation: Taxation in accordance with the laws of the country where the user is located.
• Item: Items will be categorized for the convenience of search.
• Price: The token rate will be set at the buyer's consent to purchase the goods. The seller may set a fixed price or a floating price that is bound to exchange (need to consider downside risk and price increase according to exchange adjustment).
• Review: Any buyer or seller can affect someone else's reputation, so he only reviews or evaluates after the transaction is complete.
• Blocking: The AKAIITO online market will comply with strictly concrete policies regarding illegal goods blocking and unauthorized users, allowing other users to feel secure


  • Pre ICO starts on 12.02.2018
  • Ends at 25.02.2018 (14 days).
  • ICO starts at 10.03.2018
  • Ends at 15.04.2018 (37 days).
  • The AIC token price is 0.001 ETH, 1 000 AIC tokens = 1 ET.
  • Soft Cap: 1 000 000 AIC = 1000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 20 000 000 AIC = 20 000 ETH.

For More Information, Visit Us:







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