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Hello ... I'm so glad today to come back to discuss about the sophistication of blockchain technology with a very interesting project called Spindle. What is Spindle and how does it work? Let's see together !!


SPINDLE is an investment management platform or asset with information that can not be changed and highly transparent based on blockchain and smart contract technology.
It records operator plans, history and performance with cryptocurrency using blockchain technology, so customers can assess investment options based on information that can not be falsified. Also, customers make direct investments using SPINDLE currency, so no third parties can intervene in the investment process. The investment is immediately recorded in blockchain using intelligent contract technology so that the relationship between investors and asset managers is made on the same terms without the need for conventional banks or securities firms to act as intermediaries.

SPINDLE recognizes that investment is very difficult for trendy professionals and investors so the project aims to create a platform where private and non-professional investors can find huge investment funds around the world to invest and take advantage.

Basically it is a kind of fund, which can also be an intermediary platform that allows users to invest smarter, especially for cryptocurrency.
With Spindle, users can invest in ICO / crypto direct projects or invest in worldwide leading funds listed on the platform and benefit from the funds.

The Spindle platform itself does not develop self-managed funds.
SPINDLE will provide information gathering tools, market trends for analysis and evaluation, and the launch of the SPINDLE Service Application (SPA) app on desktop & mobile platforms to help users reach updated information, invest in funds, and track your assets.
SPINDLE believes that building a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is the best way to remove a clear investor insecurity about asset investment / management, and the underlying transparency and reliability of information will serve as a catalyst for more people to engage in investment / proactive assets.

Currently, the investment option in Spindle is to invest in a global digital currency manager, but in the future, promising startups seeking funding and crowdfunding will be added to the list of investment options.

SPINDLE believes that everyone invests in a variety of investment options with clear aims and objectives so that they can not only earn conventional value in terms of profits, but also to enjoy independent lives, and experience the richness of life and thought through their investments and their contributions.


In 2017, Japanese steel giant, Kobe Steel, Ltd. (TSE5406) was found guilty of deliberately falsifying a series of data and all of this was due to human risk factors. The company is now experiencing a management crisis.

Before investing is a difficult and complicated field to generate profit, not to mention the public debt crisis or bubbles and the manipulation of the crypto market. One can not trace and synthesize all useful information flows, but can be collective.

Spindle was born for that reason. Basically it is a kind of fund, which can also be an intermediary platform that allows users to invest smarter, especially for cryptocurrency.

Spindle is designed by Blackstar, a company founded by finance, investment, legal, and technology experts. Compared to other projects, the project is enormous, aiming to see the overall investment market in general at the hedge / fundraising level around the world.
The Platform accepts payments with a custom token, called a Spindle token.


The SPINDLE project aims to educate people, without much investment experience, that investment and asset management are a fun way to enrich their lives and minds through SPINDLE.

The past few years have witnessed a global credit crunch such as the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the Greek financial crisis. These are just a few examples of financial collapse from conventional centralized states and their central banks. On the other hand, Bitcoin and other digital currencies have emerged, rapidly developing a decentralized market where individuals can assess and increase the value of the currency.

SPINDLE believes that, in this broadly decentralized decentralized market, people engage in investment and asset management on an equitable basis for the purpose of not only improving their assets, but also enjoying the process and bringing in daily life that is enriched and independent.

SPINDLE is the first investment management or asset management platform in which centralized authority is removed and more people can enjoy investing or managing their assets on an equal footing.
The SPINDLE project aims to enable more people to enjoy enriched lives through investment and asset management, and to be free of conventional, exploitative social structures based on centralized authority.

Token name: Spindle token
  • Code: SPD
  • Standard: ERC-20 (blockchain Ethereum)
  • Row: Utilities
  • Total supply: 10 billion SPD
  • ICO price: 1 ETH = 3000 SPD
  • ICO: 29.04 - 15.05
  • Softcap: 60 000 ETH, earned in Private-Sale!
  • Hardcap: 1 582.000 ETH

Token Allocation:
  •   5% - Institutional investors
  • 15% -Tim
  •   5% - Legal advice
  • 25% - Private Sale
  • 40% - Primary Sales
  • 10% - Mergers & Acquisitions & Reserves

Use of Mobilized Capital:
  • 20% - Business Development
  •   5% - The law
  • 20% - Marketing
  • 30% - Technology development
  • 25% - Merger & Acquisition Strategy

Currently Spindle is conducting Airdrop and Bounty campaign worth $ 1,800,000 worth 1,800,000 SPD = 600 ETH = $ 300,000. I will join you in this campaign.

The Airdrop campaign received 230 SPD = 0.077 ETH = $ 38
This campaign was conducted by Spindle at Vyper.io

Well now explain it all ... how still hesitate to join with us? Do not miss this opportunity!! For more detail visit us at:

Website: https://spindle.zone/
WhitePaper: https://spindle.zone/spindlewp_en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/spindlezone
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@spindlezone
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spindlespd
Media: https://medium.com/@SPINDLE_ZONE
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/spindlezone

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