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About this blog

Transcodium begins as a median in 2015 with visual cloud transcoding
and media editing platforms, but out of business because of the high cost of cloud servers, we can not compete with existing and existing platforms to switch to other businesses. By 2016, the team we decided to look into the project again but this time using blockchain and decentralized technology. Unlike the previous platform, the Transcodium network will become completely autonomous without human intervention. 

Transcoding is the process of converting from one file format to another
desired and compatible formats. Before your favorite social media. platforms or streaming sites like Youtube or Netflix make videos available to you, they need to convert these videos into several formats to support various devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, TV and more, because each is different. 
Some videos may even fail to play on a slow internet connection, this type of video also needs to be converted into lighter format for smooth streaming.Transcodium will handle all 3P's (Privacy, Pricing, and Processing Power) in an example, there will be no limit to how much transcodium processing power will be generated from its network. Transcodium networks will be available to target customers more at lower prices than current market prices. 

Transcodium's unique algorithm will allow the conversion of media files in supersonic speed by splitting large media files into very small chunks
and then it will be encrypted, compressed and sent to the worker (idle device) for processing. Because of the lightness of each piece, this task will be done transferred and processed at a very fast speed, even a smartphone will be able to process it. Token will be rewarded for every worker who completes his job before the allocated deadline. 

Problem Identification
With the current cloud transcoding platform, the following issues and limitations are identified: 

  • Cloud transcoding platforms are too expensive and scare start-ups, which require their services. Existing companies must spend more than half their earnings just to process this media files that are not encouraging 
  • Length of processing time due to limited hardware. Transcoding cloud
    The platform has a hardware hard limit, therefore, all the files that are going to be processed are queued up until the time is processed, which causes frustration on the customer side waiting for processing. 
  • Due to the central nature of the platform, server outages can lead to the failure of the entire transcoding process to be wasted time, money and resources.
  • Most transcoding platforms are limited to media file formats, 
    making it very difficult to convert other formats such as images and 
    document formats

Transcordium Solutions The following solutions are proposed for the above issues:

  • Blockchain and decentralized technology models enable the provision of cheaper and reliable alternatives to cloud transcoding. 
  • Due to unlimited processing power, all thanks to the workers, the files will be transcoded in very fast speed, eliminating the long queue 
    and waiting time. 
  • Single transcoding requests will be processed by multiple nodes and workers, so blackout of one node or worker has no effect The process makes it more cost-effective and time-saving. 
  • Transcoding is not just limited to audio and video only, but also other file formats such as pictures and documents.

Operation of master node and Transcodium network worker 




use of smart contracts will allow transparency on the network, vital 
information such as file duration, the initiated amount has been filled and the amount paid to the worker will all be in the general ledger.
In order to reach a decentralized consensus better, the Transcodium network 
uses a proof-of-stake algorithm type in which workers are randomly selected based on the wealth and age of their accounts. It helps in selecting workers with a quality processing power that saves time and money. 

proof of a conversion agreement between the master node and the worker states that, a worker must complete his duties within the given time frame to receive the award, during processing the data, the worker sends the 
update progress to the master node, the worker must complete the data processing before the specified time limit , the network will mark the assignment canceled or inactive and will assign the same task to the next idle worker.
Workers are idle devices that are responsible for processing data on the network. Any device with an internet connection and capable of installing an app could be a worker. A worker can earn more awards if it has 
higher specifications such as multi-core devices or GPU-based devices.
The transcodium network will allow customers to utilize unlimited processing of Proxy with very cheap compensation for the task. Customers will be able to select the price of the price range provided by TNS regulations, The higher the price the faster the file conversion and vice versa.
Transcodium will provide the SDK & API to use or access data on the 
network. Developers can build their own software or services around it Use Case 1: Developers of building media conversion software can take great advantage of services on the network such as providing their services software users with the capability of exporting their products to many destinations like youtube, facebook, Dailymotion and others -other. 


Transcodium Token
Token Role - Represents the processing power used for file conversion 
Symbol: TNS 
Blockchain: Ethereum 
Token Standard: ERC20 
Supply: 120,000,000 TNS 
For Sale: 86,400,000 TNS 
Received Currency: ETH, BTC, LTC 
Pre Sale Period: 07/01 / 2018 00:00 UTC to 28/02/2018 00:00 UTC 
Minimum goal: $ 500,000 USD 
Maximum goal: $ 30,000,000 USD 
Info Price. 
1 TNS = $ 0.376 USD 
1 BTC = 38467.28723404 TNS 
1 ETH = 1963.52393617 TNS 
1 LTC = 636.49734043 TNS
The presale begins on January 7, 2018 and ends on 28 February 2018. 
During this period the initial investor will be given a 30% discount for the first 5,710,000 tokens to be sold. Any unsold token after pre-sale will be transferred to the ICO's primary sale and will have the same bonus terms as the main ICO.
Moreover, all unsold tokens after major ICO sales will be ordered to help support the company in the long run. Participant or Investor will be refunded if softcap is not reached by main ICO. The smart contract will handle all refund operations of participants who contribute using ethereum, to non ethereum contributors, we will send the refunds manually to the address from which we receive. The booked seats for team members will be locked for up to 3 months after the major ICO sales. In addition, team members will only receive 25% of their tokens after every 3 month interval. 

Token Distribution



  Total Supply 120,000,000
  •    Sales Token (72%)
  •    Bonus & Discount (4%)
  •    Advisors & Partners (4%)
  •    Bounty (1%)
  •    Team Members (10%)
  •    Marketing (Present & Future), trial account funding for customers & platform testers (9%)

Allocation of Token




SOFT CAP: $ 500,000 
HARD CAP: $ 30,000,000
  • Project Development (50%)
  • Company Expansion to Other Countries (3%)
  • Marketing & Brand Awareness (20%)
  • Operational Cost (15%)
  • Law & Insurance (10%)
  • Miscellaneous Budget (2%)

 Bonuses and Discounts





                                                         Overview of Transcodium video


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