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Earl Fox

What is your favorite YouTube shows about Bitcoin?

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My personal favorite show is "This Week In Crypto". Anyone here watching this show? You can easily find it by typing its name (This Week In Crypto) in the YouTube search.


But anyway I just really like it and would recommend to anyone who has basic understanding of English language. These guys are really awesome - I think they deserve being in TOP youtube channels, because their way of explaining news about Bitcoin just fascinating!


E.g. they have a BanHammer section which use the Hammer to smash the countries where it is not allowed to trade or do something with Bitcoin.


I'll repeat. This is a must watch show for anyone interested in Bitcoin. Yeah you may notice that these guys have an accent, but it is made for purpose, because they've got humor approach in their show, and I'm pretty sure this is they have the most awesome sense of humor.





Since I'm permanently monitoring the YouTube for the greatest shows, I can mention few of the most interesting shows:

* Money & Tech. This channels is about official-styled news for Bitcoin. Each episode begins with Bitcoin rate and additional comments about critical updates concerning Bitcoin. Mostly they review the news about the companies implementing new services, a lots of trend analysis and way more interesting stuff than you expect.

* Andreas Antonopolous. This guy probably don't have shows, but he's the most motivating technical speaker I've ever seen, I recommend you to see all of his performances, because he's really brilliant at explaining how everything works, especially if you're n00b in technical matters.

* BraveTheWorld. This girl has really wonderful channel about Change, CryptoAnarchy, Bitcoin. They make a lots of efforts in promoting the Bitcoin, and they have a lots of interesting videos about political changes, and about what Bitcoin can do for very soon.

* Alex Jones. Recently he made an official announcement that they have became the supports of the cryptocurrency! Before they was very skeptic about it. And their show INFOWARS already has a lots of subscribers and they're talking about conspiracy topics, a lots of government policies, laws, corporate stuff & New World Order.

* SQ1.tv - I really hope this guys will produce new documentary soon. But right now you can watch existing one here 

(in Russian translation, look up for English original "Bitcoin Phenomenon" on YouTube as well) Изменено пользователем Earl Fox

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i like Bitcoin rush, they just show the latest apps and happenings in the bitcoin world, plus the host makes me laugh every time i hear him speak


Example episode: 

Изменено пользователем BTCXE

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