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[XDAG] Dagger монета без блокчейна

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- Directed acyclic graph (DAG), not blockchain
- Block = transaction = address
- Mineable, no premine, no ICO
- New money generates every 64 seconds
- Simple original C realization, its not a clone of another soft
- Double sha256 hash, ECDSA cryptography (openssl)
- GPU mining at present time, bitcoin asics are not suitable

- Block Reward: 1024


















Как запустить майнинг на карте

Скачать и запустить кошелек

Скопировать адрес понравившегося пула, вставить в кошелек, подключиться.


скачать гпу майнер, скопировать содержимое в папку с кошельком.


батник для запуска можно найти на пулах. Вместо адреса вставить свой адрес из кошелька

для nvidia можно добавить -cl-local-work 768



DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G -a QYHY6qoYnazLIgW8TFZGcymhl5WTPS6B -p pool2.xdagpool.com:13655


Если не видит карты

-opencl-platform 1


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@Kryon Зачем новую тему создавать?


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а что там у бывшего разраба за мышынная возня идет с китайцами? вроде как новая монетка по этому же принципу? икак решился или нет трабл с диким трафиком, дос атаками на пулы и разным остаткам по одному кашелю на разных пулах?

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XDag v0.2.4 

List of changes:

  • whitelist is auto-updated from GitHub
  • wallet without mining sends only one share per task instead of six
  • inactive connections are automatically disconnected after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • new command "disconnect": allows pool owner to manually disconnect some miner
  • main network and test network are protected against accidental merging
  • command history and auto-completion for Mac and Linux version
  • bug with payments to miner who was disconnected long time ago is fixed


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В контакте


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As a community run project Dagger is always looking for new contributors to improve and drive the project forwards. Right now we’re specifically looking for developers with C, C++ and blockchain knowledge.

But whether you’re interested in working on marketing, designing, programming or something else and feel like contributing to Dagger — come and have a chat with us! Our team mainly communicates through Discord, but you can message us through other channels as well.

Work done on the project is rewarded on a monthly basis from our community fund.

Dagger began as side project of a single developer, yet soon grew to involve crypto enthusiasts from all around the world. Join us in creating something new and interesting in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

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We are pleased to announce that XDAG v0.2.5 is released.

Change list:

  1. Increased performance of loading of storage folder and synchronisation between pools (up to 100%).
  2. Worker names. Now it is possible to mark your rigs with names and track them. New version of Dagger Gpu Miner (v0.3.0) supports that feature.
  3. Hashrate for miners is calculated by pool.
  4. It is not necessary to specify pool address to start a wallet. You can start executable file without any parameters and wallet will automatically connect to any available pool.
  5. CPU-mining is removed from GUI-wallet.
  6. Order of transactions returned by block command is changed. The newest transactions are shown first now
  7. New and change pool parameters and command:
    • mainblocks N command - returns list of newest main blocks with some additional information
    • minedblocks N command - returns list of last main blocks mined by current pool
    • lastblocks command is marked as obsolete and will be removed in xdag v0.3.1
    • miner <ADDRESS> command - prints detailed information about specified miner
    • -dm startup option - makes it possible to disable mining at all on the current pool. Disables generating new blocks each 64 seconds and pool is not available for connections for miners. This option is necessary for block explorer.
  8. Several small bug-fixes and improvements


Change list:

  1. New option -w <WORKER_NAME> - allows to set names for your rigs. Compatible only with XDAG 0.2.5. Do not use this option with pools version 0.2.4 and lower. Miner will be disconnected.
  2. Miner tries to restart GPUs in case of errors.
  3. In case of some GPU stopped - miner will not longer constantly print the last known hashrate value.
  4. You can configure -nvidia-fix parameter now: -nvidia-fix N, N can an integer from 5 to 95. Default value is 90. This parameter is intended to decrease CPU usage on computers with Nvidia GPUs. If the parameter is specified, logic of miner calculates how much time GPU spends on each range of nonces and switches current thread to the sleeping state for some part of the time. Sleeping for 90% of time could cause decresing of hashrate, so now you can configure the parameter yourself. But the less the time of sleeping - the more CPU usage.
  5. New parameter -vectors - enables OpenCL vector operations. On some GPUs it can increase performance, on some - decrease.
  6. Version for Mac OS.
  7. Optional fee 1%. You can disable fee with option -no-fee.
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а в чем преимущество?

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@badambura конкретно у данной монетки пока особо нету. у 2х других - потенциально быстрые транзакции и чем больше пользователей - тем быстрее

а эта пока сырая и не ясно, когда  поправится

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