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BETRIUM : Worldwide Betting Exchange

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Betrium is the solution developed by group of entrepreneurs and MIT & MIPT graduates offering the first partly decentralized worldwide betting service (betting exchange & sportsbook) with zero-commissions accepting crypto-currencies and offering platform for event organizers, developers and thirdparty service providers.

Developed by MIT & MIPT graduates, Betrium is the partly decentralized worldwide betting exchange and sportsbook that has lowest commissions, accepts cryptocurrencies and offers platform for event organizers, developers and third-party service providers.


Our Vision

The gambling industry is developing and moving towards. Gambling already takes a part in most people lives and the Market Review illustrates this. We do not respect traditional betting services due their unfair conditions and other problems described in “Problems” section. Our mission is to change that.

In Betrium bets happen off-chain and only added when the event happens and the outcome is undeniable. However the bets are broadcasted all over the network instantly for the odds to be recalculated. 

That means, in contrast to competitors, we are able to provide high-speed betting service built on decentralized IT architecture. Any solution powered just by Ethereum blockchain simply can’t provide the speed required for professional betting/trading on sports.




Betrium provides unique betting creation platform for event organizers such as e-sport streamers or small sport leagues.


Betrium works globally and supports crypto-currencies withdrawals all around the world. 24/7 support on 18 languages.


Betrium does not take comission from money deposits and withdrawals, winnings. We also do not take taxes on personal income.


Platform for Organizers

Betrium provides special partner solution for event organizers that want to earn money. Each owner of the Betrium Network account is able to create custom event and earn on betting just in few clicks. For example, e-game organizer (or player) can create the match on the Betrium, add potential outcomes and publish it. Betrium will automatically adjust the odds to make it profitable.

Powerful API

Betrium is the first to offer advanced Open API for developers, bots, third-party apps and betting service providers. Our Team develops Betrium Framework for the most popular software platforms.

Profit Sharing

Profit share: 50% of annual profit. Each BTRM token holder regularly receives a half of Betrium’s profit and that is the key element of our token growth mechanism. Therefore, the Betrium token is directly backed by Betrium financial success and has a real increasing worth.

No Volatility / Hedging

We offer crypto-currencies volatility stabilization for users. In Betrium, balances will be fixed in the virtual USD/EUR, so users are protected from losing in regular dumps. We’re going to achieve that by integrating some exchange functionality (USD/BTC/ETH) and future partnerships with different local and worldwide exchanges.

Legal Activity

Despite the fact, that Betrium’s nature can’t be regulated, our goal is to make our platform as legal as possible. We will act fully within the law under Curaçao license for online gambling. Curaçao is the most popular offshore and e-zone for such purposes and it is used by many current biggest betting providers, online casinos and poker. Moreover, in future we plan to get licenses in: Malta, UK, Germany, Australia, USA.




We have launched the special dashboard for investors! The solution will allow investors to manage and control profit share, to view Betrium’s statistics and achievements, to get and request different documents, track token price etc.



To achieve Betrium’s goals, we are launching an Initial Coin Offering to issue Betriums tokens on the public blockchain. BTRM is an ERC-20 token build on Ethereum. A total of 140m BTRM will be issued only. The tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO.







Website | White Paper

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