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Isa Iah

[ANN] [ICO] FASTREWARD - Task Platform - Rewarded for your Online Work!

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   What is FastReward ? 

 FastReward is the name of the digital task platform, but also the name of a corner with which we will pay each user of our  platform.
The number of coins is limited. The FastReward supply will only have 27 million coins worldwide, 
this resembles an economic system based on deflation and with increasing supply coin, 
FastReward prices tend to rise, when the demand is high and the number of coins that remain is not increased.  

It is obvious that each task will be based on  the price of the FastReward coin


  ICO Listing 
 Listed on :

CoinShedule : https://www.coinschedule.com/ico/fastreward#event3291
CoinGecko : update
CoinCompare : update  


 The initial coin offering (ICO) of FastReward will be launched on 4th of May 2018 to 5th of June 2018 by selling 6,000,000 FastReward for 33 days.

Price :

4/05/2018 to 09/05/2018 : 0.80$ / FRW         Only 800,000 Coin 
9/05/2018 to 18/05/2018 : 1$ / FRW            Only 1,600,000 Coin
18/05/2018 to 05/06/2018 : 1.10$ / FRW         Only 3,600,000 Coin  


  FastReward   coin specification    

Coin Algorithm Scrypt (PoW/PoS) 

Coin Abbreviation : FRW
Maximum Coin Supply : 27 Million 
Coin base maturity : 50 block 
PoW block reward : 15 FRW 
Minimum Stake Age : 10 Days 
Maximum Stake Age : 100 Days 


  Task   Platform    

 We plan to create a web platform that will allow anyone registered on FastReward  to earn money by performing work tasks,
 such as filling out questionnaires, viewing videos, testing applications or websites, posting on social networks to promote a product or service,
 these are only a few examples that will be put in place soon.

FastReward will be the refuge for people who want to earn extra income from home. 


  What is Lending on FastReward 

 Lending is to invest your own FastReward Coin to get a daily return from the management of FastReward
Lending is the  opportunity to get daily return on your FastReward. It is an  impressive concept for passive investors and for those who want to enjoy a daily passive income. 
No fixed daily interest rate can be guaranteed. 
When the contract expires then the  investment fund will be returned in accordance with  our engagement.   


  Affiliate    Program  

 The 40 people who invite the most people to join FastReward and buy Fastreward will receive 1000 FastReward as a bonus when the ico closes.

You will receive 3,5% of each buy of your affiliate !

The whole process will be published publicly on Bitcointalk.
And sent to the wallet of the selected. 


 You can check our RoadMap on our whitepaper 

  We are recruiting :

Community Manager - PHP Developer & More soon

Contact us on Discord, or via our mail : CONTACT 


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