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UBEX ICO rating and analysis: 93 out of 100 points
Ubex project – a global, decentralized exchange of programmatic advertising based on neural networks and smart contracts. The mission of Ubex is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency.

Tutellus ICO rating and analysis: 92 out of 100 points
The main objective of Tutellus ICO is to create a new educational model that answers to the challenges of the market: train and identify the most committed students, increase the involvement of the best teachers, and strongly tie an educational community – the student body and teacher faculty – to the job market.

New ICO listed:

Goods Digital Passport ICO (GDP token) - Using blockchain to stop forgery and counterfeit goods while saving the global economy $4.2 trillion a year

Monopoly ICO - Monopoly – crowdfunding 2.0

GlobaliPay ICO - Global Internet Payment, is a comprehensive global digital payment solution

Trust Funding Coin - Most Trustable Platform in the ico market

HyperQuant ICO - Multifunctional fintech platform for automated cryptotrading, asset management and dApps creation

Õpet ICO - AI Chatbot Companion for Students

TipSmart ICO - A Trusted System built on the Blockchain network for the safe conversion of pocket change into cryptos.

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Full list of ICO ranking by Alexa 

#1 Cryptfunder ICO

Alexa rank: 9095

Cryptfunder ICO – decentralized funding source for the cryptocurrency community, startup ICOs and other blockchain companies. Cryptfunder will filter out the best fintech candidates deploying expert analysts to identify the projects with the greatest potential. These disruptive startups will be chosen based on their potential market value, quality of their team and the real world application of their technology.

#2 Coal Industry Coin ICO

Alexa rank: 41599

It is a Cryptocurrency with its own decentralised ledger, Safeguard by Physical assets of Coal Mining Sites, Driven By Decentralised Blockchain, Controlled by Specified algorithms, Accepted by growing Crypto Currency Community!

#3 Datablockchain ICO

Alexa rank: 46605

While BigData has traditionally been available only to big companies, DataBlockChain.io lowers the barrier for entry and expands our potential client base to include small, medium and large businesses around the globe as well as ICOs seeking data for their new ventures.

#4 Verasity ICO

Alexa rank: 86394

Verasity is developing a next-generation video sharing platform. This platform will empower Creators and improve the experience of watching video online. There are many existing challenges identified with the online video space today. Verasity’s team of media, technology and blockchain experts are building a new model where Creators and Viewers transact directly on the Blockchain, removing the need for intermediaries. The Verasity Player and online video platform is fully functional and can be seen at: verasity.io.

#5 IDM ICO (IDM token)

Alexa rank: 135189

IDM ICO has its own patented data protection technology called SIZE and is preparing to launch a new service – a global decentralized ecosystem that connects users who want to store information safely and miners who provide memory on their devices to generate income.

#6 GigTricks ICO

Alexa rank: 158604

GigTricks is founded by industry veterans Amir Shaikh, Omair Latif and Sadiq Hameed as they wanted to disrupt the way things are running in the freelance and on-demand economy and offer them with a solution that will align the unconventional workforce in a way to leverage the overall global economy. In essence, it is an ecosystem whose foundation is formed on the blockchain technology to strengthen the security and increase the transparency among the community members.

#7 Tutellus ICO (TUT token)

Alexa rank: 162805

Tutellus.com is the biggest online educational collaborative platform in the Spanish-speaking world, and Tutellus.io pretends to become the first collaborative & decentralized Educational Platform worldwide. We started in may 2013 and now we have a community of +1 million users from 160 countries, with over 130,000 video courses, positioning us as the leading platform in the market.

#8 Payportal ICO

Alexa rank: 164412

Payportal Services Private Limited (hereinafter “Payportal”) is a privately-owned company that has been established in 2011 under the laws of India.

The current business area of Payportal is Delhi where we successfully manage 80 distributors and 2300 retailers.  The Payportal team has 21 people with the most in development and sales.

#9 CryptalDash ICO

Alexa rank: 188658

CryptalDash ICO (CRD token) is a robust crypto exchange and trading platform. Equipped with institutional grade matching engine and third party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities. All located under one Dashboard.

#10 Multiversum ICO

Alexa rank: 208104

Multiversum is a quantum leap in Blockchain technology, because it operates in a yet unexplored area of the protocol: data structure. It has a fundamental importance for its actual applicability outside of simple monetary transactions or simple external reference of applications of self-standing data. Furthermore, it gives its own answer to speed issues allowing parallel transactions on self-splittable and self-rejoinable sub-chains, replacing extremely expensive and polluting PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) with a new concept: Proof of Integrity, a lightweight, fast and low environmental footprint system which, despite being still under development, already gives evidence of its efficiency.

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You missed a thread) 

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