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[ANN][POOL][XVG-BLAKE2S] BLAKE2S.COM Pool for VERGE (blake2s) (0% FEE)

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Новый пул для VERGE (blake2s)
Location: Germany [EU]


Добро пожаловать blake2s.com.

Claymore's Dual Mmining Blake2s
Мы рекомендуем Claymore's Dual Ethereum GPU Miner v11 (обязательно)

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool eth.2miners.com:2020 -ewal ETH_WALLET_ADDRESS -epsw x -allcoins 1 -dcri 50 -dpool stratum+tcp://blake2s.com:8888 -dwal XVG_WALLET_ADDRESS -dcoin blake2s -dpsw c=XVG -allpools 1

Другие майнеры Blake2s

-o stratum+tcp://blake2s.com:8888 -u <XVG_WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=XVG

Telegram - https://t.me/blake2s

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