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Веб сайт - www.globalforexcoin.com






Exchanges ticker – FRX


Block explorer


Main updates channels and the media hubs.

Forexcoin on Reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/Forexcoin

Forexcoin on Twitter - https://twitter.com/forexcoin

We decided to be kind to the GitHub and post the wallets on Mega.

Who is this coin for?

Forexcoin is a global, dynamic, open source cryptocurrency created to facilitate prompt and secure transfers and crypto e-commerce while acting as an online store of value.

Active supporters can be rewarded in many ways – including promotion of the supporter’s business and or services to the larger cryptocommunity via website, newsletter and upcoming forums and via media interviews.

Forexcoin’s aim is to provide an inclusive cryptocurrency that empowers rather than restricts.

What’s the plan?

Forexcoin is released with an up-to-date working code including nearly instantaneous difficulty adjustment and QR codes creator. 

The development team is flexible so changes can be decided upon and implemented quickly.

Are you going to have a celebrity endorsement? Yes, endorsements are cool. Oprah, are you reading this? smiley.gif

What can I get?

Reward per block – 50,000.

Does it halve? Yes, every 100,000 blocks.

How often do those awesome blocks come? – Every minute.

How often is difficulty retargeted? Initially, every block, to allow for nearly instant adjustments. (Tested).

Is there testnet to play with? Yes.

What is the size of developer bonus? 1% - mined as reward in a first block.

How many coins are there in total? There are 10,000,000,000 coins in total.[/size]

How to mine?


Stratum http://frx.hashfaster.com/
P2P http://omargpools.ca:19369/static/


Solo mining

Ports - P2P  9369 and RCP 9370.

How to contact the development team?

Best way is to send an email to forex at globalforexcoin.com or visit the irc channel.

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