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Moneto: Who are we?

What is the value of the Moneto project? What are bitcoin loans? Isn’t it like easy money in my city?
Are you sure my bitcoins will be given back to me when I try to repurchase them a few weeks later?
These and many other questions came from our future investors with various periodicity. Let’s start with the first issue, and we’ll give a general response.Let’s introduce ourselves!
Take notice that you won’t hear the ICO cliché from us: “We are a team of young enthusiasts who are going to change the world, blah-blah-blah.” Our youth is in the past already.
Each of us has had a difficult life experience; we are not revolutionaries, and turning the world upside-down is not our intention.
We are just people who moved to success 20 years ago by overcoming difficulties, and we know what hundreds of young competitors missed.
There comes a point in time when life opens a window of opportunities to everyone, but not everybody can recognize it because of difficulties that have to be overcome to take a possible chance.
Even more rarely after finding this “window” do we overcome our fears and doubts and open ourselves not only to new opportunities but also to new challenges.
Here comes a moment that prevents us from moving ahead: lack of funds. It’s very simple. Nine times out of ten, new opportunities are attended with new difficulties, and only a vast amount of money can help to resolve new problems.
Let’s be honest with ourselves. It happened to each of us. You couldn’t invest and open with friends a chain of cafeterias flourishing now without you; you couldn’t buy another trend goods on AliExpress or eBay and sell it successfully; you didn’t manage to invest in Bitcoin in 2010; you didn’t buy a ticket to a place you dreamed about your whole life because you lacked money, and now you are old and forgot about your dreams … Shall I go on? There are enough examples, I suppose.
So, let’s get back to Moneto. This project solves some important issues enough to explain why we are here.
The first and most important task is to transfer your money needed for different purposes. We allow you to take a great deal of money from the blockchain system at that actual current exchange rate. The second, no less important task to solve, is to keep your savings in BTC. You will be able not only to get money out of the “blockchain stash of cash” in time and use them in the opened window of opportunities but also to return your bitcoins later, after the rate increases. And the most important thing: Bitcoins will be repurchased at the same rate you sold them to us. That’s it! Having repurchased them with some extra payment, you increase your savings because of the difference between the old and new cryptocurrency rates.
So, of course, you have the question: What does the Moneto team get? What is the benefit?
It’s simple: We’ll charge interest rates of a small percent for giving money to you and keeping BTC until it is repurchased. In fact, you won’t notice it in contrast to the received amount.

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Airdrop from Moneto

Project Moneto happy to announce the airdrop. We will share our tokens with all those wishing to participate in the airdrop. There is very little time left before each of the participants will receive coins in their wallet.

What you need to do?

Everything is simple:

- fill out this Google form
- expect receipt on your ETH-purse 
* Carefully read the terms of participation in Airdrop

Important: if you want to participate in the airdrop you need to have more than 250 followers on Twitter and more than 250 friends on Facebook.

What is achieved by the distribution of tokens?

You will acquire assets that you can later sell on the stock exchange. And we will get more customers through your actions. It turns out the symbiosis of the participants and the company Moneto and we think that this is a worthy cooperation. 
Have you participated yet? 
Hurry up, airdrop is start, and the number of participants is limited, 4000 thousand people already participate! The number of participants is limited, only 15,000 people are participating.


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Five reasons you should HODL bitcoin

Five reasons you should HODL bitcoin, or there is nothing stable in this world

1. This cryptocurrency continually grows, even after severe drops in September 2017 or in January 2018. And this is the first reason why you should not sell your hard-earned BTC-savings.

2. It is not necessary to make BTC/Fiat money exchange. Some services can redeem your BTC-savings with fiat currency for a specified period, and later you can return your bitcoins by paying the same price with a small fee.

3. If Bitcoin rate falls to the bottom, you can only rejoice that you have already sold bitcoin with a right price.

4. Skeptics claim Bitcoin as a bubble which is about to burst. Decades ago some voices claimed Internet would not get accustomed and compete with TV or radio. Be open to the new and don’t let yourself rust.

5. HODL stands for accumulation. You increase your finances with minimal effort.

P.S. The risk always exists. There is the only solution that can protect you from going broke. Go off the game. But remember, there is another side of the coin. By taking such decision, you will never go broke and never grow rich as well. Moneto will help you to HODL Bitcoin, and later other popular cryptocurrencies



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Bitcoin: the legality

BTC has long been no novelty for the modern world: the population managed to be frightened three times, to be surprised, to invest, to go out in plus (or to burn if they were not patient). All this time, governments around the world didn't know what to do with this breakthrough in the digital economy. What measures might be used in relation to a decentralized system? The absence of a responsible party created conditions for the development of a positive trend: in the worst case, Bitcoin is prohibited by government decree, at best - is accepted as a legitimate means of payment. If we speak averaged, at the moment we can see the following situation - in most countries draft laws are being developed to regulate the status of cryptocurrencies in particular in relation to BTC. You should also be aware that often what is prohibited to banks in relation to bitcoin is allowed to individuals. For example, you can buy some goods in Japan for bitcoins, pay taxes, or use of your BTC-wallet in China, if you are an individual. The most favorable situation for the use of cryptocurrency has emerged in Switzerland: there it legally treated as foreign currency. At the moment the progressive part of humanity is beginning to be more loyal to cryptocurrencies, which undoubtedly affects legal position of bitcoins. Based on the measures taken in relation to cryptocurrencies in certain States, we can divide them into two conditional groups - the first should include those countries that develop draft laws to regulate the status of Bitcoin or at least do not prohibit It:
1) Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Ukraine, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States etc.
In the second conditional group we composed countries that restricted the use of cryptocurrency on their territory, or even prohibit operations with it:
2) Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, Iceland, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Russia, Thailand, Viet Nam, etc.
The situation is constantly changing, and where yesterday was anarchy, today came into force bills that restore order in the sphere of cryptocurrency. Time will tell whether it is good or bad. There was a project team Moneto, all a good investment!


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The Moneto team is forced to change the start date of the Pre-ICO and the start date of the ICO due to changes in Swiss legislation as it’s our target jurisdiction. The revised dates now are:

- The beginning of the PRE-ICO — 2018/04/10 at 0:00 (UTC-8)
- The beginning of the ICO — 2018/06/10 at 0:00 (UTC-8)

Please note, the end date of the ICO has not been changed, and it is 2018/07/10 still.

You can find the Swiss regulator announcement on https://www.finma.ch/en/news/2018/02/20180216-mm-ico-wegleitung/

Follow the updates on our website https://mone.to


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International Women's Day


Today is a wonderful holiday. 
We want to congratulate all women on the international women's day! The development team Moneto wishes spring mood, lots of smiles and pleasant pastime. 
Stay tuned for more!


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Client vs. investor: where will I get more benefit?

You make the decision to participate in Pre-IСO of our project, but something stops? Your doubts do not give you peace of mind, You are tormented by questions a La "what do I get in the end?". 

Let's talk about bonuses provided to our investors. Also, we are going to discuss the privileges which will be provided to our potential customers. Let's start with investors: our team has carefully thought through this step, calculations have been made, thanks to which we have confidence that we will be able to reward each of our investors with annual payments. Yes, the annual dividend payment program has been developed and has already been tested in practice in a test mode, formulas have been drawn up for which the amount of remuneration will be calculated. We will reward our investors with annual dividends, but in addition to a purely financial profit, investors will be able to participate in the creation of a service that meets the challenges of the modern cryptocurrency world together with its new realities. 

And what gives Moneto future customers? 

This question has one distinct answer, that we have clearly formed at the design stage of the future service. We will provide an opportunity to reduce the risks associated with the already traditional tactics of holding bitcoin during the jumps of its quotations. Talking about potential clients, we are talking about thousands and millions of traders around the world who adhere to HODL strategy (hold). Our clients will be able to get Fiat currency for bitcoins, while not selling the latter, but making them as collateral. Now, if the client considers it expedient, for example, in the case of the BTC rate growth, he will be able to buy bitcoins back in a few clicks, and in the case of the opposite situation, when the cryptocurrency rate collapses, the prudent BTC owner will be glad that he sold them at a high price. 

Thus, the Moneto project satisfies the needs of both investors and clients, acting as an integral part of HODL strategy, as a reliable companion of absolutely every sensible trader. The decision to invest now or use the services of the service later, or to participate in both, depends on you. We hope we were able to answer the questions first and dispel doubts about the need to invest in Pre-ICO.

                                                                                                                            клиент против инвестора (2).jpg

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Bounty-as an opportunity to earn on likes and repost

The vast majority of the ICO projects, launching a bounty program. What is the bounty program?

On the website BitcoinWiki look definition:

“The bounty program — it is ability to obtain tokens in the blockchain startups without investing their own funds. To do this, the company that enters the ICO offers to perform certain actions aimed at promoting the startup and attracting new users, and pays for them with tokens.”

Now look at the translation in GoogleTranslator: “bounty” is translated from English as “generosity.”

It seems that everything is clear, this is a program of generosity, when a startup is ready to give you a part of tokens in exchange for your repost, likes, comments, subscriptions, etc.Thus, this is a good way to earn additional income, over the past few years, a whole layer of fans have formed to profit from the startup. These people keep track of new ICO, and since the announcement of the sale of the tokens fill up the mail of the developers of the typical questions: When bounty? Will be an airdrop?

After the generosity program is announced, prudent users begin to work at full capacity, increasing activity on the pages of the brand in social networks, attracting their friends and this is correct. After all, to join the community, to like the record and share it on your page will not take much time, but the efforts spent significantly enrich the owner of tokens when he sells them on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Now imagine that this simple operation could be done with so many ICO, as you have enough time and effort. But we strongly recommend to participate in bounty of projects that will transform our world, bring new technologies or improve old ones. Then you will feel not only satisfaction from multiplying finances, but also moral pleasure. And all this because there is a second side of the “medal” participation in the bounty program. When you share information about a newly formed startup, you help the project to find its investors. And thanks to significant investments, the project will be able to start working fully, changing our world for the better.

Now that you have firmly decided to try your hand at participating in bounty programs, we share with you the instructions on how to participate in Moneto bounty project on the example of Bitcointalk forum. The following steps are universal for most startups:

1. To have an account on the bitcointalk forum.

2. You need to have a rating of Jr. Member and higher.

3. To place a special signature on the account.

4. Put the Moneto logo on the avatar.

5. Write at least 10 posts a week. For us to count them, the posts must be substantial and meaningful.

6. In addition, you need at least 3 posts to leave in the discussion Altcoins.

7. The length of the post must be 75 characters or more.

8. Do not remove the signature as long as it is not to be counted as your final rating.

9. The posts won’t be counted if:

- you uploaded posts for 1–2 days (they must be evenly distributed throughout the weeks);

- the post is useless or doesn’t make sense, or you wrote a very similar comment;

- you have not fulfilled one of the conditions listed above.

In principle, it is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Usually, the conditions of participation in bounty differ slightly, so that almost the same way the tasks are performed in other social networks.

For more information about the bounty program Moneto project can be found at the link: https://goo.gl/se9KRM


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Three options for lending

Today we will talk about what lending options are offered to our customers.
So, there are three scenarios in which the loan is made: standard, high-risk and floating rate loan.

High-risk loan — the client gets fiat money up to 70% of the total value of the collateral. This,
for example, may even be beneficial if the cryptocurrency rate was moving in a downward
trend. In addition, this method of obtaining fiat money allows one to convert virtual currency
without additional transaction costs and in a short period of time. If the Bitcoin rate is reduced
by 25%, the borrower will be informed that his Bitcoin will be sold if the further reduction will
go up to 30% – some will cover the loan amount and interest, and some of the funds will be
returned to the borrower.

Standard loan — this type of loan is more loyal to the user based on its conditions. The client
gets fiat money up to 40% of the total value of the collateral. In a time of falling Bitcoin, the
mortgage is not sold.

Floating rate loan — this type of loan uses a floating rate depending on the Bitcoin exchange
rate with the possibility of selling it. The loan amount is set at 50% of the value of the mortgage
That is, with the Bitcoin exchange rate at the credit date, a floating interest rate is used. The
floating interest rate on the loan is inversely proportional to the value of the mortgage adjusted
for the balance of loan debt. The base rate is adjusted based on the difference in the ratio
between the Bitcoin exchange rate and the balance of the debt principal.

Our efforts are aimed at improving the usability of the service. We will be grateful to everyone who will express their opinion on how to improve our product. Join to Moneto!


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