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CryptoPay is scam

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My CryptoPay horror story

I am a project manager at startup. I was responsible for making payment cards for our team. I have used CryptoPay as it was easy to use and i was able to manage all team accounts on my mailbox.

Issues started when i topped up more. I used just few hundreds $ first. Then expenses goes more and i have deposited around $8k in total though CryptoPay. After their robbery exchange rates and commissions it became around $5k usable on cards. Our startup grows and team expenses raised. We were having a global team and have our members to buy stuff they need for our money - they can buy dedicated servers, goods (notebooks and so on) and anything they need for our money.

Firstly CryptoPay has started to not process my deposits. Transactions were confirmed with delay due to bitcoin issues. They were confirmed after two weeks. But their system show payments as "Failed". Finally after around week i managed to get biggest failed payment deposited, i have ignored another failed deposits for not big amounts.

Last year one of cards were blocked. There was not more than $300 on it and i did not know which payments got through that card so i have ignored that gifting that money to them.
This year it became absolute nonsense.
They themselves blocked accounts registered on my email and explained that !! their card issuer !! blocked my accounts. Can you imagine that? Their card issuer hacked their system and blocked accounts on THEIR system or what? What the f***??
There was around $2k on accounts and $1k on cards, $3k in total. They just steal it and come up with contrived excuses. Not only i can not withdraw it, i can not even log-in to accounts.

Now they want all documents for all my accounts (whole team) to unblock them and there are no guarantees that unblock will happen. I have no ability to force that and whole concept was to not send documents to unknown company with weird commissions and exchange rates. I also have no access to team at all now.
After their card issuer stopped work with them, they continue to make excuses.

Now i am f***ed up. I owe $3k to my old boss and got fired for that situation.

Hopefully my experience will help someone.

TL;DR Never use CryptoPay. They will steal your money!

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