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About ProCoin

We've five major goals with ProCoin:

  • Set things up right from the start so that early adopters benefit significantly.
  • For the value of the coin to grow consistently, even significantly over time.
  • To heavily support the coin with a significant marketing push right from the start to help it gain visibility, significant traction and value.
  • For the coin to continue to be developed so that it stays useful and remains up to date (or even ahead of) what's happening in the market.
  • To build a thriving community that can take the coin way beyond just what the founders can.

The technical side of any coin is incredibly important of course, but what can also make or break a coin is marketing.  If no one knows about the coin, if no one's particularly interested in the coin, if the coin doesn't stay visible in the market, its use and value will drop accordingly.

ProCoin originates from the LiteCoin source but with block rewards to significantly benefit early adopters without unnecessarily penalizing those who come on board later.  But as mentioned above, one important goal of this coin is to keep updating its usefulness - adding new features and functionality (not just letting it whither and die like so many other coins) to help it stay up to date (or even a little ahead) of the market.

In March and April 2014 we're looking for a major, major marketing push to really give this coin visibility and then once it's established adding new functionality on an ongoing basis.

And note there's a 2% premine (20,000,000 coins) ALL of which will be given to the community from a public ledger.  In fact, the majority of that will be given out to the community in gifts and rewards during March and April of 2014.

We'll also be doing our own marketing of course, and recruiting influential marketers we know to help push this coin to the next level quickly, as well as looking to get this coin onto an exchange right from launch.

So if you like, get on board...



  • PoW Algorithm = Scrypt
  • Max Coins = 1,000,000,000
  • Block Time = 60 Seconds
  • Block Reward =  Starts at 1,000, and reduces by 5% every 30 days (one period).  At the start of period 75 maximum reward per month stays at 1 million indefinitely (23 coins per block).
  • Difficulty Retarget = Every half hour (30 blocks)
  • Premine = 2% in public ledger and all going to the ProCoin community



rpc: 22444
net: 22445


Community Giveaways & Rewards

2% premine comes to 20,000,000 PNC all of which will be rewarded to the community, much/most of it in March and April 2014.

There will be public addresses and ledger so that what's being done with the pre-mine is 100% transparent.

PNC will be rewarded through:

  • Giveaways
  • Through getting the word out in comments and articles
  • Getting ProCoin mentioned in the news (we'll also be sending out a press release)
  • Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone wallet
  • Design ideas and work
  • Translations
  • Reddit tip-bot
  • ...and more...

As mentioned there's 20,000,000 to give away, much of that during March and April so the sooner you jump on board the more you'll get.


Community Resources











Block Explorers




Биржа https://cryptorush.in/index.php?p=trading&m=PCN&b=BTC

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подходит к моему аватару. Пойду помайню. Извиняюсь, думал тема про PiCoin.

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Интересно смотреть за ней на бирже. Объёмы пока маленькие. Но...

Вчера и сегодня некие товарищи постоянно после сделок продают одну монетку ниже по цене в 5-10 раз, и актуальный курс становится совсем маленьким.

Видимо майнят - и дампят - будем ждать.

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я математики чет не понял.... сумма по колонке (936 тыщ) не сходится... так и должно быть?)


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Похоже, что сдыхает монетка...

Цена ниже плинтуса уже.

Оставим на память :-)

Вдруг когда стрельнет, так все оптимистично начиналось...

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Вчера была первая попытка пропампить монетку. Наблюдал он-лайн. Цена взлетела в пять раз, простояла часа два - потом ее задампили продажами по 1-10 монет и затаились. Сейчас около 20 сатоши цена. Но наблюдая за биржевыми мутками, есть чуйка - памп не за горами.

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